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Sermon 39 "This World is a Hell"

  • Broadcast in Religion



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A consideration of how this world is as close to eternal hell as the Christian believer will ever get, and is as close to eternal heaven as the unbeliever will ever get.


This world is a hellish place because the devil is the temporary ruler of the domination systems now operating in great wickedness.


"Hell" can be described as a place where Satan is allowed to perform nefarious, diabolical deeds and where hellish events, like war, poverty, rape, child abuse, corporate greed, exploitation, betrayal, depression, frustration, insanity, government corruption, deception, and sadism occur.


Thus, this world is a hell.


In spite of the hellish nature of this fallen and sinful world, there is some beauty, love, and tranquility within it, now and then, and we should also appreciate these positive aspects of life.


This world provides a few moments of relief from hellish events and sorrow, and those sporadic spots of calmness and happiness are the only glimpses of paradise that unsaved people will ever experience.


Bible verses will be examined that speak of this world as a place of growing darkness, where evil forces abound, and yet the light of God's love and peace can also be found. 


Realizing that this world is a hell, a precursor or prologue to the ultimate, eternal hell of the lake of fire, we should be more sober, vigilant, and enthusiastic for sharing our faith and leading others to the joy and power and blessings available from God in Christ.