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Sermon 14 "Atheism is a Mental Illness"

  • Broadcast in Atheism



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Come take a wild ride into the analysis of atheism, its root cause, and its foundation in irrationality.


Atheists cannot reason correctly and have faulty logical processes, which have been corrupted by sin and egotism.

Atheists refuse to believe in God. What keeps a person in a stubborn defiance of God? Why do unbelievers persecute believers? Why do atheists show disrespect for  all religions, yet demand respect for their faith in an atheistic ideology?

Why are atheists so thin-skinned and easily offended by Christmas nativity scenes, crosses, expressions of faith, and other manifestations of religion? What is preventing the light of God's love from shining in their hearts and setting them free?
The Bible says "the fool hath said in his heart: there is no God". Thus, atheism is the philosophy of fools, lunatics, those who are out of touch with reality and suffering from a mind disease.
All of creation is proof that a Creator exists, just like a skyscraper is evidence that an architect and construction crew had to exist.
We will boldly examine what the Bible says about atheists, the exaggerated egotism and addictions to sin that keep them in rebellion against God.
We will also consider the terrible fate of those who never turn away from Satan and refuse to repent and give their hearts to Christ.