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Life Business and Money - Why Trans Fats Are Killing Us

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Steven Kay

Steven Kay


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Industrialized Trans Fats came about because food manufactures didn’t want their food to spoil.  They realized that when they made vegetable oils they would spoil quickly from oxidation.  The manufactures developed a process to inject hydrogen into these oils to change them from the foods they were into something that would not spoil.  An essential principle of health is if it does not spoil, it is not a food.  Trans fats are being linked to major illnesses, including be a cause heart disease and autoimmune disease.  The F.D.A. has stated that there is no safe level of trans fats in the American diet.  A great book on this is Trans Fats: the Hidden Killer in our Food by Judith Shaw.
Industrialized trans fats are the worst type of fat and are having a significant impact on our health.  Major researchers are linking autoimmune disease (Multiple Sclerosis, Lupus, Graves disease to name a few) to trans fatty acids.  They believe that the trans fats are weakening the lining of our cells (basic structural unit of our body).  Inside each cell is a nucleus that contains DNA (the genetic code of our body).  When the trans fats weaken the cell lining the DNA from our nucleus leaks out into our bloodstream.  When this happens our immune system sees a protein in our blood it must get rid of (just like a virus, or bacteria).  If our immune system is continually trying to fight our own DNA, is it surprising that at some point the immune system starts attacking other parts of our body (made with the same DNA)?  Auto-immune means your immune system fighting your own body.   There may be more factors involved but trans fats have us in the health industry very concerned.