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Steve Weber

Steve Weber


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In 2004 my wife and I began seriously studying Internet marketing. We built a small website selling nutritional products -- CactusCanyon.com. We had great success with Cactus Canyon and began developing other online businesses as well. Within a few years we were both able to quit our full-time jobs in education and now work from home! Kay was a special education teacher at the same school I worked at. Although we both enjoyed our jobs, we wanted more control and freedom over our day to day activities and, most of all, we wanted out of the “rat race” – the Internet worked perfectly into the equation. Even from our country home in Oklahoma, we had access to millions of potential customers on the Internet. We had created an enormous opportunity for ourselves! I look forward to helping you get started with your own successful Internet business. My online businesses began with just a dream! What is your dream?

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Want to trade your J-O-B in for a work at home career? Most beginning Internet marketers dream of the "income on autopilot lifestyle". That's cool and very achievable, but long term thinking is required. Too often newbies look for the... more

Over the years my wife has purchased her fair share of stuff I've had to assemble. You name it…everything from lawn furniture to exercise equipment. Like most men, I HATE having to follow those gosh darn... more

"How can I get traffic to my site?" I get that questions a LOT. Does this sound like something you might ask? Got a great website? But it gets no traffic? What's the problem? Your on-page SEO is good, you've targeted some great... more

One of the problems beginning online marketers have is underestimating the power of the niche. They too often think a niche is "too small" for them to have any success. In this broadcast I address that issue by using examples from my... more

From working with beginners for almost 5 years now, I find their online marketing success hinges upon only getting across two important hurdles. I talk about these in the show. There's a lot more to it than simply knowing how to make a... more

Before I built Weber Internet Marketing, I learned the online marketing ropes with a retail website. After its success, I've been working with beginning Internet marketers for a number of years now. Many of them...most of them actually...... more

When webmasters understand how Google uses latent semantic indexing for page rankings, they will be better able to optimize their site's pages and rank better in the search engine results. LSI is a part of the Google algorithm that allows the... more

When I begin working with new online marketers, I ask them 4 simple questions. It's amazing to me how few of them can answer even a few of these. These questions relate to how websites get traffic and the types of analytic data that... more

Follow these 4 golden rules for keyword research. First, how relevant is your chosen keyword? It’s possible to choose keywords and attract plenty of traffic, but if those keywords are not relevant to the targeted audience, visitors... more

Article marketing is a very popular and highly effective Internet marketing method. Many new marketers face a number of questions about using article marketing to promote their websites. We'll discuss a number of the most common questions I... more