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In an effort to fight the ignorance that contributes to racism and bigotry frank discussion sheds light on perceptions, and realities of each other, examine the norms in society which perpetuate bigotry, and try to foster the appreciation of diversity. The show will not only tackle racism but intra-racism. I'll be pulling skeletons out the closet and what's swept under the rug! Look for guests of all ethnicities to tell their story...

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This show is dedicated to giving a background on my artistic endeavors and how I have, and will continue to develop projects that confront social issues. I am a trained actor but for the past 20 years my acting has taken a back seat to other... more

I continue with examining the "unkindest cut"... The hatred that comes from within one's own ethnic group. It indeed is prevalent in many ethnic groups. Many are in denial that this issue still exists in certain ethnic groups. All the more reason... more

I'm really digging deep inside the closet to pull out this skeleton! We don't like to talk about it but we are gonna... It is the discrimination, and hatred within one's own ethnic group which still rears it's ugly head despite cultural awareness.... more

Its nothing new but is it still is taboo? Sure, I've done it many times. It felt very natural to me... But what about my date? The things that make you go "hmmmm" in regards to interracial relationships will be discussed with guest Anthony Lofaso.

Through the centuries people of all religions have suffered persecution for their beliefs, at one time or another. How ironic that in this day and age others of those religions find it necessary to persecute others for their beliefs... Oba Ernesto... more

Finally we will visit this topic to discuss the diversity of Jews and what it is to be "Jewish" with guest April Baskins. April Baskin works at The World Justice Project in Washington, D.C. and serves as president of the Jewish Multiracial... more

Beaumont native, Lady Drama also known as Shannon Lwiz Boutté is a talented new air personality. Lady Drama wears many hats as student, writer, advocate and preservationist. She is a former student of Prairie View A& M... more

We revisit the topic of Black Indians with Arts Educator and Cultural Activist Stephen Wilson Jr. returning. Stephen is one of many within the African Diaspora who belong to the ethnic group historically known as Black Indians, BUT one of... more

I discuss my experience filming the Creole segment of my documentary "The Descendants of Africa". The often misunderstood Creoles of Louisiana clarified a few things for me, upon my visit in 2000, and at a Creole conference in... more
Stephanie Wilson

Countdown... As We Ease Into Creole Mode

  • by Stephanie Wilson
Countdown to the staged reading of my new play "Blood Makes The Red River Flow". This play was inspired. and in homage to the Creoles of Cane River. who I interviewed and filmed for my documentary. This month upcoming topics will... more
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