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?We have all heard by now of the budget cuts that are being proposed. While some may think it is a good things others like myself thinks it will be catestrophic. I first heard about cuts that will affect PBS and NPR. While I am not suprised because some of been wanting to fire Big Bird for  a while. This type of programming is needed and very relevant. The next is Meals on Wheels and this hits close to home because my grandfather used this up until the time of his death. Millions of seniors use this program for the basic need of food. Some will not eat without this. While those who hate social programs will be quick to tell you there is no thing as a free lunch cannot for a minute get out of your closed minded feelings and think of those who would be affected. Seniors citizens I think of my grandparents and even now my own parents who could be in this situation and it hurts. Cuts to after school programs because there is no evidence that it helps students. HUD (Housing and Urban) Developement cuts will affect low income housing, Pell Grants which will affect college students especially the HBCU's. Some could not afford college if it were not for this grant. We here about governement spending and cuts all the time but this budget is detremential. Cuts in housing will result in more homelessness and there are too many people living on the street now. Just because you don't utitilize or never have had to use these programs don't mean that you never will. Most of us are one paycheck away from losing everything and that applies to most of us. Cuts are also coming to heating assistance programs such as THAW that was used in Michigan. What are families suppose to do in the winter when you can't pay your heating bills? By law during the harshest months they will not turn over heat but even when the weather breaks it is still cold. Again I see devasting affects. Right now the party in power in the I don't give a damn party.