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I woke up with #AltonSterling on my mind. As I was lifting his family in prayer I found out that there had been another police shooting overnight and the victim Philandro Castile is dead. Shot in front of his girlfriend and daughter. The girlfriend live streamed what happened after. I am appalled but I am also hurt. How many times? How many victims? How many hashtags? It is an epidemic and we have become so disensitized that we can't even watch the video. You better watch! You need to watch and feel what is happening. I watched the Alton Sterling video again last night from a different angle and I jumped at the sound of the first gunshot. I watched the video initially and thought he was a big dude almost like Eric Garner and I watched a white cop take him down. Yes some words were exchanged before this. Of course his partner was on top of him. They had him restrained on the ground. Then you hear gun followed by the shots. Now mind you there was reports of a gun in the 911 call. So they knew this going in. Now reports have surfaced that there was no gun. Mind you Louisana is an open carry state. After they shot him there was no immediate medical attention. So basically they let him die. Now the protests have started. I know my law abiding pundits will argue that he should not have been in front of the store selling CD's. But my answer to that would be tell that to his 15 year old son who stated yesterday that he wanted his daddy. I know of some pro police and blue lives matter people who supported law enforcement no matter what. I am NOT anti police but I do not support officers who are in the wrong. I will call out the names of some of the previous shooting and let you marinate on that while sipping on your morning coffee