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Every Holiday..Does It Ever Stop?

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I should be excited about 2016 arriving later this week but instead I am trying to make a sense of another no indictment verdict. This is twice in 2 weeks. First it was Sandra Bland and now Tamir Rice. How do you kill someone and no one is at fault but the victim. I have been quiet because the trolls are alive and well. I love they are such law abiding citizens. I have seen some people almost lose their religion over some posts and the back and forth I refuse. I also heard the cookie cutter the officer was in fear of his life. The officer made a decision in 2 seconds to take this child's life. Him and his partner came up with guns blazing. The officer who shot Tamir was not fit to be a police officer. I love the judgemental ones who question the parenting of the adults in Tamir's life. I have seen nothing but grieving parents but I see evidence of bad parenting everyday. Nobody brought up what kind of parenting or lack of that Dylan Roof had. I had the trolls come after me during the Mike Brown case and it almost caused me to embarass myself. Sandra Bland brought out some more. They love to act like they are just law abiding citizens. When you text and drive you are breaking the law. When Wall street execs steal from innocent people that is a crime. If you can't see that there is a problem with policing in this country then something is wrong. I just feel for the families who are grieving and trying to seek justice.