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The Takedown and What's Wrong with the Picture!

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I really had to take a minute with this one because I was so digusted by that video involving the EX-SRO officer and the student in South Carolina. To see that child especially a female thrown to the floor still in her desk and dragged then thrown like trash by Ben Fields made me sick. To hear that he was called down to the classroom by a student who refused to leave and this is what he thought was ok to remove her. Then you have pundits who want to argue about her being disrespectful. What teenager do you know that is not? Her attitude could have been dealt with but the assault that I saw on that video is what I take issue with. The black man who was standing around is also who I have issue with. The young lady who tried to take up for her and was arrested is what I have issue with. This young lady was acting out for whatever reason and if adults cannot handle their jobs or authority please get out of your profession immediately. I have also heard that Officer Slam had a reputation of this and he has been in trouble before execessive force so he was a good fit for an SRO officer? I think NOT!