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Who are you to tell me?

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Stephanie Speaks will discuss some topics that people have had way too much to say about this week! The first is the #HandsUpDon'tSpend & #Don'tSpendaDime. This was a social media movement that was born out of what is happening and Ferguson. I was doing my part by getting the word out since I am participating. Well as it circulated around some decided to be vocal about why they won't support. Like with anything it is to be expected but at least be on point or better yet no explanation is needed. I have family members who are shopping on today and i know of you will take a line out of the Color Purple nothing but death will keep me from it! The next one is about about the greed of Thanksgiving is the new Black Friday. The Customer Service Officer (aka CEO) of Macy's said that the customers wanted them to open on Thursday. I am still trying to figure out who did he talk to. If you can stop feeling the need you can stop the greed. Take the option away and people will follow suit! So who are you Mr. CEO to tell me an outright lie? The last one is about the whole Ferguson situation. I saw a convoy of trucks in another part of time with a spokesperson stating how he was not with the protestors or the looters. He was about peace. I was looking at him thinking with everything that has gone did he really need to part of that image? I am not in support of the rioters nor the looters but there has to be change in Ferguson. I am still appalled at the internet trolls who hid behind a keyboard to say hateful things directed at the family of Michael Brown? I ask who are you? To the supporters of Darren Wilson I ask who are you? If you cannot step outside of the yourself and see the bigger picture here then there is nothing left to be said. To some in the media who needs to take a seat I ask who are you? I will give the answer at the close of my show.