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by SoSexyKima

 - Sat, Apr 2 2011

July 27, 2011

Exhilarating! Excited! Feeling fabulous I am! Been a minute since I've blogged on BTR, and when I do something new and great has happened! Hey what can I say, going 4 the gusto! Steamy Stimulations has begun being streamed live thru Purecaine Radio Show! Purecaine radio is a Bay Area radio station that features undeground hip-hop/rap artists and now yours truly...SoSexyKima aka Kima Shines!!! I'm so excited, streaming began this weekend, much love & big shotout to Karl Twiford for all his help & support! I'm here if u need me ;-) The website is PureCaine.com/radio, streaming live music & My show as well. this is a great opportunity for me! I'd also like to thank Felecia & Candace of Sister Girl News Radio Show out of Atlanta, Ga, who've found me interesting enough to interview me this Saturday at 10am est/7am pst! Kima Shines:Adult Actress & Swinger!!! Ok I always do this, I promise I'll finish up later today, but my late nite snack is calling me!!!! To be continued...

April 2, 2011

I feel great! Did my 1st show 2day, almost didn't get online in time...laptop was freezing up, Verizon trippin' the bad guy was trying 2 get me!!!! NONONONO! Not 2day, going 2 stand tall, not falter, not be afraid, lol...I was a little :-) Hey, I'm human right! It went good though, lol, music was good, was told I had a smoky sexy voice ;-) Oh lala, Get u all hot & bothered...PURE ADULT ENTERTAINMENT! Told u I was not joking! Take the time & listen 2 it ON-DEMAND, let me know what u think, oh my got 2 get ready 4 a full day, so I'll be back later this evening. Because 2morrow is the premiere premiere show, GOGOGOGOGOGOGOGOGOGOGO!

April 12, 2011

Well rested I am! Whoosh! Caught up on my sleep, working my ass off, preparing 4 my next show, getting ready 4 my party at the end of the month, so much to do! Damn, shit is right around the corner! Thank u 2 al lmy listeners & hope more 2 cum! Had fun on Sunday, even w/ the tecnical difficulties, lmao! Shit happens 4 a reason, & we r all tested in sum way. Again this sis my blog, so I'm coming at u in shorthand, slang, ebonics, lol, whatever u want 2 call it. This isn't about being perfect, it's about what I feel right now, just jotting down my immmediate feelings. My typing skills have picked up, wI should take a typing test, last I remember it was 25 words a min, lol...I'm so crazy! I f u can't tell by my show, whoa...your really not listening at all.  Hahahahahaha! It is official my co-host will be in the Bay Area from April 28-May 2, if you'd like to meet him or have him appear at a event or function contact me Kima at (415)735-8503, still deciding on my dancer, I'll know by Sunday. Time for a nap b4 the day really jumps off!!!! MUAH!

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