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Recovery focus including iterviews with SCI Staff--experts in the field of addiction treatment. SCI's weekly "Encouragement Group" also featured.

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In this edition of the Encouragement Group, David Gerber looks at the ancient chinese proverb: "The Best Time to Plant a Tree is 20 Years Ago, the Second Best Time is Now." David challenges participants not to lament over... more

The latest edition of the Recovery Radio Podcast, Amy Sucich, Assistant Director of Counseling interviews David Gerber about the concept: "If We Have an Investment in Being Sick, We Stay Sick." David helps listeners understand the... more

In this edition of the Encouragement Group David Gerber brings an inspiring message about the rationale for using substances and the rationale for recovery. David demonstrates the art of encouragement in his simple message "We do... more

In the latest edition of the Encouragement Group, David Gerber takes a scene from Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade and makes a powerful and encouraging link to recovery. In this scene Indiana Jones shows patience and... more

The latest edition of the Recovery Radio Podcast features host Laurel McCullagh interviewing David Gerber on the topic of How and Why Substance Use Progresses. David takes listeners through the typical progression of addiction,... more

In todays Encouragement Group, David Gerber takes a look at the saying "Every Cloud Has a Silver Lining." David challenges participants who have typically looked at this saying the opposite way: Every silver lining has a cloud, and... more

Todays encouragement group inspires people to fall in love with recovery. David Gerber likens the relationship one has with recovery to the beginning of an intimate social relationship, and questions participants "What would happen if... more

This week the St. Christopher's Inn Recovery Radio Podcast focuses on addiction as a family problem. Host David Gerber inteviews Laura Zick, Family Program Coordinator at St. Christopher's Inn. They will target the misconception that... more

Sports are a part of our culture. There are messages that may be gleened from sports that go beyond the contests on the fields and gyms. In treatment and recovery, sports analogies are ever present to deliver powerful messages. In... more

This edition of the Encouragement Group, features David Gerber, Director of Counseling/Shelter Services at St. Christopher's Inn discussing the concept of miracles, and how each and every one of the men at St. Christopher's Inn is a... more