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Stay in Your Lane with D Scott

Stay in Your Lane with D. Scott


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Stay in Your Lane with D. Scott is an honest and open view of the human condition. Author D. Scott discusses the arts, family, sex and mental health.

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Today I have a very special guest for Tell the Truth Tuesday. Its film maker, author and my brother Ken Cosentino. He recently released his book ,"Secret Teachings-Hidden Masters". Im catching up with him today to hear his 3 truths.... more

Its venus retrograde. That means the ghosts of penis and puss past are showing up. This is different than mercury retrograde because the lesson is about love. Whatever lesson you needed to learn about love is going to be very clear. It... more

Im working on a theory. What if we were all Gods? What if our addictions and low vibrations come from the fact we arent functioning as those Gods? We are functioning as mere mortals. In the past week I have been very sick. Sick to my... more

Fall is here. Mabon is the week long celebration of equilibrium. The days are equal parts light and dark. Whem winter comes we are engulfed into more dark days. It is also a time of harvest. What we planted should be able to sustain us... more

This show is dedicated to my namesake, my uncle Dennis. After a long battle he got his wings. 2nd death in my family structure within 3 weeks. Puts life in perspective. We lost a real one. There aren't enough tears.

There was an unexpected death within my family structure. There was a lot of turmoil these last couple of weeks. Personally I didnt want to get on air with that energy. Some people solicit for pity. I am not one of those people. I do what... more

Todays show is about transitions. There are many that we have to go through. In order for us to ascend we have to go back, trace steps, perhaps right wrongs and live freely. What I do will never be influenced by what you did to ME. I will be... more

I missed yall last week AGAIN because I was on a trip with my family to see my family. Too often we miss opportunities to just pack up and GO. Too often we miss opportunities to see loved ones that are a car drive away. It had been... more

Tonights show is about my week of course. I will also be spilling the merlot on what happened at my #ragingreiki sip and see last weekend.

I deleted last weeks show. It was wayyyy too emotional and informational. Im better than that. Yet it is still #tellthetruthtuesday Lets chat about how Mars was in retrograde and I felt like I was at WAR. not with anyone specific but everything... more