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Put your big boy pants on and be prepared to be offended. Progressive and Liberal policy will be dissected so you can see how evil they are.

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What Issues do James & Brian think the LEFT have it RIGHT!! and our Resident Gay will help us explore what the DIVIDE is between Republicans and Gays?

After a failed attempt for a Monday show, one day I can get James to figure this stuff out as far as making a show happen.... BUHAHAH not bloody likely Ukraine, Russia, ya ya we touch on it and Lois Lerner and Elijah Cummings going balistic

Tonight we have a show to get your blood boiling!!! We will be talking about those parents that let their kids go nuts in public... Why the KING wants Felons to be given the right to vote... and how feminism has gone too far... DEBATE... more

James may have someone calling in to dicuss the courts, laws, and other BULLCRAP Topics to include law, cops, and other news on 16 January 2014 And our idiot Democrat of the day AND what happened to me yesterday or the... more

We will discuss, amongst other things, Anarchy and how its complete bullshit. We will not blow the phones up or each other I am moving to Miami in July, should I buy a new home? I will discuss the interesting conversation that I had with my... more

Saturday Night Pot Luck: Hangups, Gripes, and Complaints... Federal Reserve? 11 January edition will bring a whole host of issues, mostly hangups, deep seeded emotional issues, Gripes, complaints, and even Federal Reserve talk... UGH

That Standard fair to get James all crazy and stuff, the politica talk for today. Chris Christie and FAT GATE of Bridge/Gate. But Benghazi is not really news... NSA SPYING... IRS Targetting BUT Chris Christie is BIG FAT NEWS? And... more

2013 year in review and prognostication of 2014, we will not dwell to much on this as we are doomed or something Dennis Rodman is a nutbag Mind your buisness, a story about not bothering anyone And some personal stories

YES, we will discuss Duck Dynasty... ugh So SIx is back with us to discuss her encounter with Conspiracy Theory Tim, the old co-host of Stupid America, which Tim is the New York Penal (penal) System for DRUGS And Six will also... more

Why is talking POLITICS & RELIGION Taboo, when with Family & Friends! Has our silence created a larger divide between us! Is NOT talking a good way to solve problems and ork together on solving our societies differences? And... more