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What is forgiveness and is it really possible to forgive a person that has committed a terrible act against you? How does our Spiritual being deal with forgiving? What about those that have been severely abused, raped, or had... more

Myth or fiction? Fact or Imagination? Join us as we continue our provocative series on "do they exist". This week we will turn our focus to the Paranormal. Ghosts, hauntings, and strange experiences. Technology and science seems to... more

Join us as we expand from last week's amazing topic and continue to ask; Fact or Fiction, Myth or More? Last week's exciting and provocative show which featured some call in guests, and astounding personal encounters continues this Monday... more

Myth or truth? Fact or Fiction? With advanced technology we have all heard about the sightings, reports and encounters with fascinating creatures such as; the "Mothman", Bigfoot (aka Sasquatch), Chupacabra to name a few. Join our panel... more

Since our debut in Feb 14, 2013 we have been captivated listeners from all over the globe and beginning Monday June 2, we are excited to launch our new and exciting interactive show, where YOU our listeners will be able to join us with... more

Topic for show: Self image; how our spiritual image of self determines our relationships with others. Following the discussion we will take callers for one question only! You must be 18+ to participate. These readings are for... more

The spiritual connection to health and sickness, does it make a difference, can we "make" ourselves sick, or heal ourselves? After the topic discussion we will take callers with one question only. These readings are for entertainment purposes... more

Finding your spiritual purpose, otherwise known as your true path Do we have a spiritual purpose in life? If so, how do we know what that is, or how do we find out? Following our topic discussion we will take callers for a one question mini... more

Topic discussion followed by mini readings. Must be 18+ to participate. These readings are for entertainment purposes only

Topic discussion on Archetypes, how we often take on these persona's or "types" which affect our spiritual paths, relationships, etc. Following the topic discussion we will take one question from our callers for a mini reading. You must be... more