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Welcome To; Lisa Marie's Theraputic Session's Session2 Defacing Jezebel

  • Broadcast in Women
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Thank you for being here for Therapeutic Session's with Lisa Marie this is Session 2 Defacing Jezebel

Who Was Jezebel?The bible introduces us to Jezebel as the powerful & manipulating wife of King Ahab. Ahab was the king of Israel, but the Bible says Ahab son of Omri did what was evil in the Lord’s sight, even more than any of the kings before him. Ahab also married Jezebel, the daughter of King Ethbaal of the Sidonians, and he began to bow down in worship of Baal (The male deity of power and sexuality).

The Spirit of Jezabel is alive in Women who Hate God.and His Kingdom Government Righteouness..the evolution of how she operates is the same; but; you must know how to indetify and expose who she really is. understanding her Psychological makeup: pertaining to the mind or to mental phenomena as the subject matter of psychology.of, pertaining to, dealing with, or affecting the mind, especially as a function of awareness, feeling, or motivation having no real or objective basis; arising in the mind. JEZABEL IS ILLEGITIMATE & SO ARE HER CHILDREN.

The spirit of Jezbel operates and moves like a snake and operates with the spirit of python. It will seem to be very friendly. It will charm you with gifts, generous monetary offerings and it will be available for any and everything the leader needs and wants. It is just when she has the trust of leadership and has directed her aim at heart that she strikes and bites spreading her venom.but The Spirit of DIVISION is her Goal She  prey's on Women Men by studying their life. Copying & Competeing... To OVERTHROW! their HEAVEN & EARTHY  POSTION FOR SELF ISH  EVIL VAIN reasons. I will go in Greater Depth by Revelation & by DEFEAT ! in Later Sessions. WATCH AS WELL AS Pray!

?Love Ya! In His Service;Lisa Marie