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Welcome To Brides,Bubbly,& Brunch for Time Released UNORTHODOXED 2017!

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Welcome To;Lisa Marie's Sunday Brunch here on the Star's Of Heaven Network onThe Children's Bread Ministry Broadcast.for Time Released UNORTHODOXED 2017!T Today's Angel Food 'where are you Feasting? is an important one. In determering your fate Genesis 2:16-18Tree of Life Version Then Adonai Elohim commanded the man saying, From all the trees of the garden you are most welcome to eat.  But of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil you must not eat. For when you eat from it, you most assuredly will die!

Genesis 3:20-24The Man, known as Adam, named his wife Eve because she was the mother of all the living. God made leather clothing for Adam and his wife and dressed them.God said,“The Man has become like one of us, capable of knowing everything, ranging from good to evil. What if he now should reach out and take fruit from the Tree-of-Life and eat, and live forever? Never—this cannot happen!”So God expelled them from the Garden of Eden and sent them to work the ground, the same dirt out of which they’d been made. He threw them out of the garden and stationed angel-cherubim and a revolving sword of fire east of it, guarding the path to the Tree-of-Life. We must to Teach What Jesus Established Preached TO HUNGER & THIRST after righteouness that they will be filled. St Paul Declared KNOWLEGE PUFF'S UP! the breading ground for PRIDE! the seals of Good & Evil should not be broken.eating of its fruit represents the beginning of the mixture of good and evil together. Before that time, the two were separate, Eating  from the tree of Good & Evil birthing  free choice & Evil Inclination.evil has no independent existence, it depends on holiness to draw down the Divine life-force, on whose "leftovers" it then feeds and derives existence. Once evil is separated from holiness through beirurim, its source of life is cut off, causing the evil to disappear