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Hosted by Arielle Taylor~~~~ For over 25 years, locked in a bank vault, an ongoing collection of chronicles has awaited their time coded release, and now is the time. These are the true journals of galactic ET demonstrations experienced by someone Hollywood would call "The Female Galactic Indiana Jones." Her interactions and assignments with the Pleiadeans were recorded by her for future generations of starseed, a word that she first coined in the '70s, so that they will understand the true nature of extraterrestrial agenda and their own roles on this planet. Millions of people have had indirect contact with her work without realizing it, since she has trained, mentored, guided and assisted many celebrities and high profile people with whose work they are familiar. Join us as Lavandar reveals for the first time the details of her spellbinding and sometimes dangerous adventures, as each one adds a piece to the galactic puzzle of what's truly happening here.

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Catherine has worked in the healing energy fields for over 35 years. She brings in and receives increased knowledge & expertise to facilitate Balance, Health, Joy & Empowerment for those willing & ready to shift Frequencies into Wholeness. Catherine's work transforms hereditary and karmic frequencies. Catherine's first reading with Lavandar affirmed ?Catherine, you are Galactic by night and human by day, and often by day you are Galactic'. A challenge is to stay grounded enough to enable conscious destiny to bring in Heaven on Earth. Although a fairy in human form, Catherine works with the Galactic Sistar & Star Brotherhood of Light to Assist in the Gateway, Portal, Grid work to accelerate incoming Light Frequencies for our ‘Ascension'. She has been connected with Spirit and energy systems since childhood, and has an exceptional close connection with the energies of StarShip Gaia. Catherine is a networker, a guide and from early childhood, has been a life coach without even knowing what that was. In sessions, information channels through, bringing clarification and direction to those with whom she works. Catherine works with Zenith Omega modalities of Light Colour Frequency & Sacred Geometry. She also has a retreat centre called The Goddess and the Green Man, offering customized healing retreats in Ompah, Ontario. Her websites are: and At the top of the show, it's the Starseed News with Anastasia, bringing topics of interest to starseeds that you won't hear on mainstream news. Now Gathering: Starseed Crystal Quest to Arkansas! For the equinox, Sept. 21-27.
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We're honored to welcome Kathryn Peters-Brinkley; an author, journalist and lecturer, and also serves as the publisher/editor of the acclaimed online bi-monthly periodical, Kinetics Magazine: "Awakening to Ascension" whose readership... more

Lavandar tells the story of Atlantis from the Pleiadean source of that experiment. Details of the Atlantean culture will bring remembrance for many, yet we must stay detached from the emotion of it. Music of the spheres, crystals, the Seven... more

We're honored to have Richard Dolan with us on this Winter Solstice. Co-author of the powerful book, "A.D.- After Disclosure," Richard has a long list of accomplishments on a global scale, including numerous television and stage... more

Are you living from your Natural State? If you are, you have the keys to your Rites of Passage: access to abilities and knowledge you mastered in another life. Can't find your keys? Maybe you're not living from Natural State, but the map is... more

Last week, Lavandar began the story of her 3 lightning strikes and continues this week with her journal on galactic lightning demonstrations. After you hear this riveting story, you'll agree that Lavandar is the world's leading authority on the... more

In the first half of the show, it's all about Lavandar and lightning. Being struck on three separate occasions, she has a uncommon perspective on a "shocking" phenomenon as it intertwines with her story. The second half of the show, we... more

In the first hour of the show, Lavandar will give her report on the Pleiadean Line Up that's just ending, with more insights into the event. What kind of week have you had? She'll also be talking about the Pleiadean Line Up she spent in... more

November 16,17,18,19 are indeed Pleiadean Lineup and this translates into the timing of Pleiadean space craft arriving for a 3 day rendezvous with their Pleiadean offspring and experiments on the planet. It is has been one year... more

Continuing her story “Crack Between The Worlds,” Lavandar will tell how her life became connected to starseed celebrities, with compelling details of the day Natalie Wood died on Catalina Island, Nov. 29, 1981. This event dove-tailed... more

A Timely Report on ET/Politics. Starseeds don't miss this one! Lavandar reveals the secrets of ETs and Politics like you’ve probably never heard before. Ever wonder if your vote actually counts? Discover the inner workings of... more
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