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Hosted by Arielle Taylor~~~~ For over 25 years, locked in a bank vault, an ongoing collection of chronicles has awaited their time coded release, and now is the time. These are the true journals of galactic ET demonstrations experienced by someone Hollywood would call "The Female Galactic Indiana Jones." Her interactions and assignments with the Pleiadeans were recorded by her for future generations of starseed, a word that she first coined in the '70s, so that they will understand the true nature of extraterrestrial agenda and their own roles on this planet. Millions of people have had indirect contact with her work without realizing it, since she has trained, mentored, guided and assisted many celebrities and high profile people with whose work they are familiar. Join us as Lavandar reveals for the first time the details of her spellbinding and sometimes dangerous adventures, as each one adds a piece to the galactic puzzle of what's truly happening here.

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Since her spiritual awakening in '76, Hope has been a dedicated seeker of truth, healing and wisdom. For nearly 20 years, she's been opening the channel to higher guidance through Intuitive Dowsing, and her coaching has helped people transform their lives. In 2010, Hope received a message of a massive wall of water on its way to Earth, which then morphed into a standing figure 8 made of flowing water. Through dowsing, she came to understand this vision as a 10th-dimensional energetic tool called the Infinity Wave, sent by a benevolent Universe to more quickly and easily transform pain and suffering into joy and freedom. She was directed to launch Wave Energy Evolution workshops and watched as the powerful Wave practices helped many to create miraculous healing breakthroughs and find a smoother path to their own evolution. In 2011, Hope launched the Wave Energy Center for Conscious Evolution, dedicated to the positive, expansive development of the individual, the community and the earth. She is the Director of Curriculum and a faculty member of http://www.godself.com. Hope also guides intimate groups on Sacred Travel to power sites around the globe, as she teaches ways to communicate with the landscape and each other. When the human heart interacts with a highly-charged sacred site, an alchemy occurs that is causes a shift in consciousness. She is an Intuitive Dowser/Life Coach, an End-of-Life Doula and a certified Neurofeedback Practitioner, incorporating sound, Reiki and energy healing into her work. Her website: http://www.we-infinity.com At the top of the show, it's Anastasia's Starseed News with topics you won't hear in the mainstream. Gathering Now! Starseed Crystal Quest to Arkansas, Oct.11-17. Write to crystals at starseedhotline dot com for info.
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Sahvanna Arienta is a practicing psychic medium and intuitive advisor with clientele from around the globe. A respected radio host and author of "Lightworker: Understand Your Sacred Role as Healer, Guide and Being of... more

This episode airs at the same time as the Presidential Election, and Lavandar will be tracking the event. Instead of our regular program, we hope you enjoy listening to some of the songs Arielle has recorded. Many of you have expressed... more

At the top of the show, we'll have our Starseed News segment with Anastasia, bringing topics of interest to starseed. There were 2 UFO sightings within the same week, in the US and Mexico, showing the same craft in these 2 videos -... more

Lavandar revisits material from the Vault on the subjects of your Natural State and how to access your Rites of Passage. Do you know how to recognize Trickster energy? You'll be able to see it more clearly after hearing this chapter... more

Anastasia will be your news reporter and show host during this live broadcast. John Foster, UFO contactee and author will begin the show with a brief recorded interview. His books and remarkable UFO art can be found at... more

Self-taught harpist Peter Sterling, began to play after a series of life-changing angel encounters in the canyons of Sedona in the early ‘90s.Guided by the angels, he recorded his first CD, "Harp Magic? after only ten months of playing... more

Author Yulia Tarbath "The Spirit of Transition" and founder of rawsomehealthy.com and http://www.newearthbeings.com is a Nutrition and Lifestyle Coach, who has undergone a life-changing transformation: from being... more

We're delighted to have Meg Benedicte return as our featured guest. Ms. Benedicte has created an original and powerful healing approach, the distinctive proprietary process known as Unified Field Therapy®. In this healing... more

In this episode, more chapters from Lavandar's vault, on the subjects of taking your power, music of the spheres, the flower essences, and color harmonics. Some of the information came in a transmission from a Pleiadean Commander... more

We're honored to welcome back our distinguished guest, Meg Blackburn Losey, Ph. D., best selling author of "The Children of Now," and several books about the Crystalline and Starseed Children. Her most recent books are "The Secret... more
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