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Since childhood, Kathleen Shelton realized that she had abilities that others didn't.  Her deep connection with dolphins was revealed in early childhood, though she grew up as a 'normal child.'  She attended the University of Guelph and York University in Toronto, and started life in the corporate world.  Ten years later, she left a demanding position at Bombardier Aerospce in Toronto to answer the dolphins' call and devote her time to swimming with them in the wild.  Higher dimensional perceptions had woven in and out of her life since childhood, and her exposure to dolphins stirred memories of mysterioius events since birth.  With continued contact, she realized that the dolphins were communicating with her telepathically and helping her remember aspects of herself that had long been buried, sparking a tremendous healing process in her.  She has learned that she's been genetically designed, not only as a Dolphin Whisperer, but to bring messages from higher dimensions.  Kathleen began to use her abilites to share those higher dimensional messages to facilitate emotional, physical and spiritual healing for others.  She now works as an Intuitive Counselor and sees her role here as an Ambassador for Dolphins and Whales, and one of divine service to humanity and all life.

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