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An International Radio Show Hosted by Professional Psychic and Exorcist Jeffrey Seelman in 15 Minutes or Less. Callers and Questions Are Welcome. 6:00 AM Pacific/8:00 AM Central/9:00 AM Eastern/2:00 PM UK/3:00 PM Amsterdam and Berlin.

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In this episode, I'm going to discuss just how emotional energies can affect us in our living environment and working environment. Everybody generates emotional energies, both good and bad. It's my job to help people with the bad stuff.... more

But make sure that the anger is yours. It's so easy to pick up anger from other people and environments. Everyone around this generates feelings. By learning how to protect our body's energy fields, which is actually very easy, we... more

Negative emotional energies are everywhere. Everybody generates them at some time. Negative emotional energies are nonphysical. They can make us feel angry, sad, and in some circumstances, even get us to do things that we would not... more

In my second radio show on the subject, we will go further into the concept of the unseen. Most negative spirits are just negative people who are dead and continue to do negative things. But there is another kind of spirit which is much more... more

Negative and demonic spirits are more common than we think. Most negative spirits are just negative people who are dead and continue to do negative things. But there is another kind of spirit, far older and vindictive, demonic spirits... more

We all have Spirit guides. Every one of us. They help us in many ways unseen. In this short radio show, learn about the wonderful spirit guides that are here to help you whenever you need it.

Let's learn about good and bad spirits and how they affect our lives. A radio show you will love to listen to.

Demonic spirits do exist. They are not as common as negative spirits. Negative spirits are just negative people who are dead, and continue to do negative things. They are actually very common. Demonic spirits, although not as common, still... more

In this episode, you will learn all you need to know about demonic spirits, including how they came into being, what they want from you, and even how to banish them from your life. Most negative spirits are just negative people who... more

Why so much negative energy? Many people feel that things are getting worse in this world. The truth is that things are getting better. Listen to the short blog talk radio show and see why people feel the way they do.
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