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Star Theory

Star Theory


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Star Theory is a radio show that highlights ground-breaking theories in the alternative research community. Hosted by the writer of Star Theory, Kyle Hunt. Be sure to check out the blog at: http://startheory.wordpress.com/

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Orgone, Chi, life force, spirit - these words are all referencing the same energy. This is what allows us to create the outside world according to our inner desires. That is why it is crucial to desire the right things. There are many people and... more

Returning for another exciting installment of defaming, Kyle rows his boat into the heart of darkness in today's trip.

Kyle will be sharing some of his thoughts concerning marriage. Consideration will be given to the legal and religious aspects, the biological and historical components of mate selection, the abhorrence of polygamy in our culture,... more

Imagine a world bereft of creativity and kindness. Image-in a world run by perverted psychopaths intent on exploiting and raping anyone and everything, all done under the guise of entertainment, art, and free expression. Now let's... more

Joanne joins me for a lively discussion of the many parasites that can attach themselves to us and steal our energies.. until something is done to stop them.

Guardian of the Garden of Eatin' Most of us would like to live in Paradise, but it seems somewhat hard to find. Certain groups have tried to create their own paradise at the expense of the rest of the world, but this idea is doomed to fail.... more

We will be exploring the ways in which males are abused from birth and how we can reclaim our birthright as men.

How do we most effectively change the outside world so that a better future is attainable? Is it even possible? Are we doomed? Do most people even want to achieve something better? I will be trying to answer these kinds of questions,... more

The show may cover some recurring themes on Star Theory, such as: The hidden history of Satan, Cain, Lucifer, Enki; Language, Mathematics, Alchemy, Money, and The Tree of Knowledge; The fall of the Tower of Babel and the... more

What the hell is up with football? Why do Americans love their big (gay) men so much? Grown men wear the jerseys of other men. Why not go make love to your women or do something productive? And women, do you really enjoy this... more
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