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Stank On Funk w Tigg N Gedon

Stank On Funk Radio w/ Tigga & ArmageDon


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A media outlet addressing and discussing all social, economic, political and cultural issues involving and affecting members of the LGBT Community. Givin' it straight, no chaser. All are welcome.

On-Demand Episodes

The bar drops, and you feel yourself starting to bend. Whether professionally, socially, or personally, we all have wondered just how far we are willing to go to get what we want. Some of us have worked hard to get to our stations in life,... more

Most of us have "habits" of various types. Whether physical, abstract, tangible or intangible, we have certain "triggers" that compel us to behave in a different yet predictable ways. TONIGHT, Tigga & ArmageDon will discuss, explore and... more

"Music calms the 'savage beast' within." .... Or does it really? TONIGHT, Tigga & ArmageDon discusses, explores and exposes the different genre of music and not only its healing factors but also its detrimental effects to not only the... more

Many of us, at one time or another in our short lives, either heard of, used or regarded ourselves or someone else as "a ride-or-die chick/dude/girl." Really though, what EXACTLY does that mean and, more important, do we even... more

We are in an extremely dangerous and volatile time right now, and certain feelings (or lack thereof), is wreaking chaos and havoc both individually and Collectively. In TONIGHT'S segment, Tigga & ArmageDon will discuss, explore... more

Tonight's segment is a continuation of last night's exciting and passionate discussion, the central themes being responsibility, accountability and ideas, with the goal of action, alternate plans of action and, ultimately, Resolutions.... more

More and more, we are confronted, even overwhelemed, with individuals who love, love, LOVE, to blame everybody and everything for their place and station in their lives. NEVER wanting to take responsibility, much less control, for their... more

Do you know somebody who revels in playing the victim, constantly gripin' and moanin' about things (s)he can actually change but chooses to blame on everybody else? Well, we do .... and we DON'T entertain the bullshit! Givin' it... more

Tonight, Tigga and ArmageDon will continue our discussion on dysfunction in different relationships, independence vs. codependence and its cancerous effects upon our dual-Community. An interactive episode where ALL are welcome to... more