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Stank On Funk w Tigg N Gedon

Stank On Funk Radio w/ Tigga & ArmageDon


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A media outlet addressing and discussing all social, economic, political and cultural issues involving and affecting members of the LGBT Community. Givin' it straight, no chaser. All are welcome.

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Do you know somebody who revels in playing the victim, constantly gripin' and moanin' about things (s)he can actually change but chooses to blame on everybody else? Well, we do .... and we DON'T entertain the bullshit! Givin' it... more

Tonight, Tigga and ArmageDon will continue our discussion on dysfunction in different relationships, independence vs. codependence and its cancerous effects upon our dual-Community. An interactive episode where ALL are welcome to... more

Tonight, Tigga and ArmageDon explore and discuss the myths, Truths, advantages, perils and results of dysfunction, independence and co-dependence and its cancerous effects in both relationships as well as the dual... more

The old Afrikan proverb, "It takes a village to raise a child," is just as relevant and critical today, perhaps moreso now, as it was when it was first declared. Service. Community. Duty. Collective. The Village. In this Season 3 opener, Tigga and... more

Tonight, Tigga will kick off the end of Season Two with a Year In Review of some of the most memorable segments aired, the messages conveyed and surely points not previously stated. All are most welcome to join the discussion.

Decisions, decisions. Everything from what outfits to wear that day or night to which bills to pay that particular payday requires much decision-making skills. So does whether to abstain from sexual activity altogether or sew those oats 'while... more

Do you know that one (or couple) somebodies who behaviors are so outrageous that dreams of premeiring on the ID Channel dance in your head and inspires you to pen an award-winning song to accompany the episode? We have... more

So, you're thumbing through a circular magazine when you spot the whip of your dreams! The dealer puts on his best rep and assures you this whip is a BEAUTY! You get down to the dealership expecting to test drive 'your' whip --- only to find... more

Tonight, Tigga will continue the exploration, discussion and exposure of pitfalls and disadvantages of instant self-gratification and what ArmageDon refers to as the "Rush Syndrome." Special guest and Season One "Babe," Queen Kelz... more