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StanaTalkRadio [STR] was created to promote and support Stana Katic. STR's anything/everything [professionally speaking] about actress/producer Stana Katic ~ the 2014 People’s Choice Awards winner “Dramatic TV Actress” by portraying Detective Kate Beckett in ABC's 'Castle'. In early 2013, Stana appeared in the Michael Polish film 'Big Sur' playing Lenora and in July, Mark Polish released a documentary about the behind~the~scenes making of the 2011 Polish Brothers film “For Lovers Only” [FLO] entitled "How We Made Love" available now only via Vimeo ~ Stana played the lead "Sofia" in this Independent love story which if available via iTunes for your downloadable device. Stana finished 2013 by starring in 'CBGB' playing Genya Ravan. Stana continued to surprise her fans in 2013 by performing as the voice of the clever Reporter “Lois Lane” in the animated film,'Superman:Unbound'[in stores now] and finished the year using her voice to tell two stories in the “Dangerous Women” audiobook series [available].If you are a #Stana fan,you won't want to miss adding all these additional performances to your Stana collection.....Be sure to visit Stana's Official web site located at along with following/liking her on twitter/FacebookFanPage and then [if you can], please try ATP for just ONE day (For more ATP information and dive in, please go to: Mission: Provide a positive and encouraging place to promote/support Stana Katic with a focus on her professional career. We’re committed to providing additional fun places for people around the world to share their encouraging thoughts, views and talents in support of Stana......STR Vision:Foster an optimistic, cheering, resonating "voice" in striving to wish the very best for our favorite/favourite actress, Stana[pronounced "Stahh-nahh",*smile,you’re naturally saying “ahh"

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Castle jealous? You betcha! Obviously Castle is VERY comfortable with how the current Caskett relationship is progressing but Beckett seems to be doing a lot more thinking of late.. Hopefully you were able to watch last night's awesome... more

Do you believe in "Bigfoot" like Castle in this episode? Or are those really just "giant clown feet" per Beckett. Hope you were able to watch "The Fast and the Furriest" #Castle episode last night or today to find out the answer to that... more

We could NOT do it! There had been so much EPIC Stana awesomeness since the previous week that we simply ran out of our alloted time for STR and didn't even make it to the discussion of the 100th episode itself, "The Lives of... more

Castle witnessed a murder?! What?! And no one believes him?Perhaps it's just a case of an overactive writer's imagination or truely the effects of knee injury medication. Sure hope you were able to watch this EPIC 100th episode of Castle... more

Who knew all this about Detective Kevin Ryan?! Wow! Certainly the #Castle showrunner Andrew W. Marlowe did and the writer of this Ryan-centric episode [long time Castle guru], Terence Paul Winter. Through this murder we learned... more

Think playing "serious and teasing" to the "nervous and scaredy Castle" Stana did an oustanding job as Beckett in "Scared To Death" last night. Even the famous Wes Craven cameo (of Nightmare on Elm Street/Freddie Kruegar fame)... more

Tonight we will have the latest news and then will try our very best to have a fun little "give way". So, are YOU missing anything from your #Stana collection of memorabilia? Well, then tonight's show COULD BE a fun way for YOU to... more

Alexis is in Paris?! How?! Why?! Who?! In Part 1 [Target], Castle and Martha are terrified. We watched Beckett helpless at what has happened and desperately wanting to focus on how to return Castle's little girl to them safely ~ even... more

Hey! What are you doing Monday night, February 18th? At say, 10/9c? Well, Monday night on ABC there will be a new Castle episode entitled 'Target' and we really REALLY want YOU to see it right along with all of your closests friends.... more

Valentines?! Yes! No doubt the intrinsic romantic nature of Beckett and Castle just might be shown to us while they share their first Valentines Day together.. THIS is going to be awesome! Hurry up Monday! Be sure to watch the "Reality... more
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