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Stacey White

Stacey White


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A retired peace officer from Oklahoma, who also served his Country as a United States Marine, now standing up for Constitutional Rights.

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A show about veterans and police services today. And chatting about current events surrounding the moral decline of American society. The greatest generation compared to the Y generation, or appropriately the why generation.

Talking about the ills of society and what must be done to make us great like we were before. Honoring those honorable actions, and condemning the dishonorable people of our society

Ferguson, ISIS killing Americans, Government Corruption.., the times are coming that Americans will have but two choices.., fight for their freedoms, or once again become servant to others who don't believe in our vision of freedom.

Talking about the threats to our society today.

After taking a break to attend to my academic pursuits, I'm back on the air and loud as can be. Come join me is showing pride in America and lifting each other up with talk of pride in America, the God we serve and the brave men... more

Going to talk about the political platforms for 2014, which could be foundations for the 2016 election year. Who will be the losers for 2014? The Republicans, the Democrats? Or could it be both of them?

What will get our nation back on track? With partisan politics and division within the people, where is the solution?

The usual, talking about what makes America great and what people should be doing to preserve our great nation.

Talk about Mandella, the truth and nothing but the truth. Talking about the liberal response to his passing and how many have forgotten the acts of brutality he committed as President. And his membership in the South African Communist... more

Remembering Pearl Harbor on this day, and talking about the sacrifice our veterans of that era have made for us all. Then talk about the squandering of our liberties since then. Excuse the noise, this episode was done remotely via... more