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Straight Talk w Dean and Marc

Straight Talk with Dean and Marc


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“Straight Talk with Dean and Marc is a podcast that touches many aspects of our society ranging from politics and social justice to entertainment and sports. We feature guests from various backgrounds who motivate, encourage and provide tools to pursue goals and dreams whether those dreams are entrepreneurial, corporate or personal. The show is hosted by Marc Lee and Dean Geronimo. Here's what some of our past guests are saying about the show.... It's people like Marc that care about the little guys like me that make the sun shine and the flowers grow. Listening to his podcast has become the high point of my week..... Cliff Latshaw, President at Newbasstone. It was a delightful, interesting, and fun interview that felt more like a conversation with an old friend as Marc Lee and I talked about the book and related topics and swapped a few stories. Dean pitched in some comments along the way. Peter Davidson, Author. As a guest on the show, I enjoyed the conversation about the connection between science and art, between activism and Afrofuturism. Marc has been a longtime friend and supporter of the Arts, especially regarding blues music and film, and it was easy having this conversation. Dean carried us down the road with his politically informed charm. I look forward to being back on the show to pick up where we left off and to carry us into what Sun Ra would say, The Spaceways! Darrell Stover, Poet and Educator You have such a wonderful radio voice and a great demeanor with your guests on your blogtalkradio show "Straight Talk With Dean and Marc." I had fun talking with you about my new book "Dear Passenger: Welcome to My Wacky World as a Flight Attendant." I hope all our friends tune in for an entertaining time. - Elizabeth Calwell, Flight attendant and author...

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Whether it is tackling issues like Body Image, Blacks in Theatre, Artist Being Paid for their Work, or Gentrification, Monet Noelle Marshall is not afraid to use theatre to tackle difficult issues. We look forward to having her on the show at the end of the Month, and we are sure that you will be delighted in hearing the many things that are on Marshall's mind....She has even created a Theatre Festival here in NC, and tackled the difficult sexism and racism that she has faced her on the local theatre community, but which is also prevalent on the national scene... Also appearing will be one of our area's new and upcoming Durham leaders...We will be talking about some of the issues facing Durham and the Nation like Law Enforcement and Crime, and Education, and School issues. DeDreana Freeman is a activist in the Durham Democratic Party as well as various other organizations throughout the state....She has worked for years with the East Durham Children's Initiative and is not afraid to speak her mind on various issues. We look forward to hearing from here on this show....
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If you know anythig about Blues, you have heard of Cephas and Wiggins and Phil Wiggins is still carrying on the tradition of the Blues as is Poppa Chubby. We are looking forward to hearing from this great musician who is carrying on a very... more

Joining us on Straight Talk was Felicia Lee-Sexton, a former dope dealer and dope fiend. That's not to depress you or impress you, that's just who I USED to be.? That's how Felicia introduces herself to perspective clients walking into her... more

California songstress Angie Maserati has released her new album titled "Love." The album is filled with enticing vocals with blended sounds of R&B, Reggae, and even Pop, so make sure you have your dancing shoes on! Much can be said... more

REPLAY from 07/24/17: Throughout history, African Americans have been making noise in various industries, and the alcohol industry is no different. We are hoping to have guests on the air today from both Harlem Brewing and Shoe... more

Replay from 08/20/18: Joining us tonight will be Tonier Cain-Muldrow. Muldrow lived on the streets for 19 years experieincing all aspects of trauma and addiction, but now she has finally found what would be her truth, her journey, and her... more

Women today are stepping into the world of entrepreneurship and making a success of small businesses overnight. 3HarlemSistas are no exception to the rule of making their business a successful one. These three women came up... more

There is no doubt that Ariel Popcock is a force to be reckoned with....This young piano player has already received international acclaim as an equally captivating jazz pianist, vocalist, and composer. Ariel's notable performances as a... more

Our guest today is Comedian, Improv Artist, and activist L.E. Zarling. Among the conversation was talk of politics, Yes I Am and Improv work, working with youth in Alabama, travelling the country and unusual shows. We also talked about LGBT... more

We are looking forward to having this musician on our show...Yes, country musicians come from all kinds of places and this one calls Rhode Island home..... Grant Maloy Smith is a singer/songwriter of COUNTRY/ROOTS music - an artful... more

In Celebration of Native American Heritage Month, we are glad to have Jana Mashonee, PJ Vegas, and Alyssa Hinton on the show.... Was hoping my Cousin would join in the conversation but maybe I will get her on next time.... Alyssa... more