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A show dedicated to assisting those who walk with Christ through teaching and encouragement!!

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Today we will be examining the so called evidence for divine authorship of the Quran. As Well refute may of the objections that are raised by Muslims. Special Guests: Apologist: Sam Shamoun from http://www.Answering-Islam.org Ex... more

We will be discussing the history of Islam and its foundational teachings, how that compares to what the Holy Bible teaches. Our Guest Br. Sam Shamoun has extensive knowledge in this area His web site "answering-islam.org" . Will be... more

Have you ever wondered what Islam really teaches? Or if the koran is the true word of God? Well today you will get answers to those questions and more as Br. Sam AND Br. Troy share the truth behind Islam ! Special Guest Sam Shamoun,... more

If you have ever read the first several verses of John 8 then you have read the story of the woman caught in the very act of adultery. There are some really amazing things that are not readily known but that can be found out if you dig... more

Ever wonder what the point is for prayer or how to even start?? Have you ever asked yourself if what you are praying for is right?? Tune in tonight for some insight on these and other questions as well as a couple of points you may not... more

You may have heard this before or perhaps another way-Lord, liar or lunatic. Freddy and I are using this topic to present the message of the Gospel in a way that will have you considering important information-and what are you going... more

Continuing where we left off last week we will focus on personhood, Tri-unity of the Godhead and the scripture that shows the individuality of the 3 Persons of the Godhead in Scripture. We will also deal with some of the "difficult" scriptures... more

Do you have questions about the Trinity?? Is it really in the Bible?? Is it a part of early Christianity or was it just a recent add on?? Do you have any idea how to explain the Trinity if you were asked to?? This is the topic that Freddy and I are... more

Piggybacking off of last week's episode we are looking into more of the power of God in changing people and events in human history!! It is totally amazing that God has done everything He has to preserve His Word through the ages... more

Have you ever wondered why we have a Bible or why it's even important to have a recognized, finished edition of Scripture?? We did too!! The idea of this program is to introduce the listener to the reasons why there was a need for the... more