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A show dedicated to assisting those who walk with Christ through teaching and encouragement!!

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In the first hour we will be talking mainly about the gospel. We will answer questions like how change happens. Why do we have to engage in spiritual warfare if Christ has already won the victory? What about the armor? and other... more

While being involved with various ministries in many different ways Freddie and I (Brent) have noticed a lot of arguing, in-fighting and claiming that people are heretics or just flat-out not saved! We have wondered between ourselves how... more

Happy New Year! Many resolutions are being made going into this year. And many will be broken. What are the realistic challenges facing the followers of Christ? What are the daily battles that seems to wear us down? By Gods Grace... more

Listen in as Brent and a good friend, JJ Jones, interview the good folks at By the Hand Club For The Kids at one of their offices in downtown Chicago, IL!!

Jesus (Matt 24:4) and Paul (1 Cor 6:9, 1 Cor 15:33) warned us over and over again about deception saying "See that no one deceives you" and "Do not be deceived" regarding the end times and the gaurding of your faith. On this... more

Pastor John MacArthur has announced a ?strange fire? conference to be held this October, claiming that part of the charismatic movement ?offers to God unacceptable worship, distorted worship. It blasphemes the Holy Spirit. It... more

What are the implications of Gods Love? Ever really thought about it? Today We will talk about Gods Reality, the reality of His Love!

Genesis 16:13 She gave this name to the Lord who spoke to her: ?You are the God who sees me,? for she said, ?I have now seen the One who sees me A special square 1 live interview with Alma Elias. Wife of the co-host of Square... more

Today Brent and Fred tackle the question. "what does my sin have to do with us being the church?" Today we will unpack the answer that many would rather leave packed up and put on the shelf.This is a serious question that poses "Kingdom... more

Have you ever wondered how the mind becomes sanctified and how the mind is used to overcome temptation? How about the idea of reading the Word of God and doing it but it is actually of the Spirit and not of human power. What's the... more