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Eric Rice

Eric Rice


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As the visionary and public presence for the firm, Eric has taken BFC Ventures to impressive levels, but everyone who has met Eric knows that he will never be satisfied. Eric thirsts for success and is driven by the ability to either succeed or help someone succeed. With this in mind, after closing his last company he started to focus on what he is really good at and where he belongs in life. So, he is now training and investing with young entrepreneurs and businessmen all around the globe. “The thoughts that come out of his head are mind blowing sometimes, not because of their content, but because he knows he will work hard enough to make the thought a reality.” says his partner Adam Blejski, “I have never seen anything like it, he has a gift to find revenue streams for businesses that no one would have ever known were there”. With that being said, Mr. Rice is now playing the free agent market and not settling done to one company. He is a highly sought after consultant that will not take the work if it is long in nature. He is focused on his own projects and the 10-15 new ones he sees every week from investors and inventors.

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