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Carol Fricke At 2:00PM Monica Moskowitz At 2:12PM Tiffany Johnson At 2:24PM Lois Flewelling At 2:36PM Katie Maples At 3:00PM Julia Bowen At 3:12PM Leanne Tyler At 3:24PM Stella Hurt At 3:48PM Jan Pullin At 4:00PM Dominque... more

Susie Mcdaniel At 2:36PM Joyce Mitchell At 3:00PM Manon Sorrentino At 3:12PM

Cindy Kastner At 2:00PM Sharleen Gruber At 2:12PM Melody Ravert At 2:24PM Lisa Platt At 2:36PM Rosa Wayda At 2:48PM Jim Bone AT 3:00PM Rosemary Billingley At 3:12PM Leann Mccusker At 3:24PM Tonya Perry At 3:36PM Sara... more

Noma Draden At 2:24PM Amy Stokes At 2:36PM Kay Mac Enulty At 2:48PM Maria Gomez At 3:00PM Celestine Dotson At 3:12PM Nancy Hass At 4:00PM Wanda Outlaw At 4:12PM Rosalie Demarco At 4:24PM Bonnie Roberts At... more

Lou Ann Powell At 2:00PM Cherrie Wenvel At 2:24PM Watana Alcorn At 2:48PM Judy Pecoraro At 3:12PM Mary Kay Ricketts At 3:36PM Pam Perez At 3:48PM Jill Levi at 4:12PM Christina Boles At 4:24PM Victoria Johnson At 4:36PM... more

Rinio Renedo at 2:00 pm Gloria L Cooper at 2:24 pm Melissa Bryant at 2:36 pm Dean Tong at 2:48 pm Zebo Sokolsky at 3:00 pm Maryam Ouladirad at 3:36 pm Leah McMahon at 3:48 pm Cheryll Brookins at 4:00 pm Mary Gorak at 4:12 pm... more

Wendy Wood at 2:48 pm Amrita Joy at 3:12 pm Brandy Peffer at 3:24 pm Doris Collier at 3:36 pm Debby Hudgins at 4:00 pm Rebecca Placella at 4:12 pm Joann Glaser at 4:24 pm Donna Gary at 4:36 pm Sharon Goldmacher at 4:48 pm

Dr. Kathleen Link At 2:00PM Nancy Magagna At 2:36PM Yolanda Houston At 2:48PM Genevieve Dobson At 3:00PM Gloria Cedillo At 3:12PM Suzanna Wolff At 3:24PM Jeanne O'Neale At 3:36PM Cathy Herron At 3:48PM Alma Bond At... more