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Sandra Kirkpatrick At 2:00PM Ursula Nussbaummer At 2:12PM Stephanie Krasowski At 2:36PM Lisa Eischeid At 2:48PM Barbara Strauss At 3:00PM Karla Painter At 3:24PM Joan Mccloskey At 3:36PM Brandy Campbell At 4:24PM

Joyce Dentt At 2:00PM Patrice Lynons At 2:24PM Susan Jennings At 2:36PM Stacey Cairns At 2:48PM Vicki Laureys At 4:00PM

Cheyenne Thompson At 2:00PM Candis Young At 2:12PM Bethany Flint At 2:24PM Diane Wanger At 2:36PM Elizabeth Williamson At 3:00PM Stephanie Namm At 3:12PM Amy Chung At 3:36PM Barbara Young At 4:00PM

Vicki Arians At 2:12PM Carolyn Dorazio At 2:36PM Wendy Decker At 3:00PM Tawnya Wojciechowski At 3:24PM Carol Chumney At 3:36PM Malathi Benjamin At 4:00PM Linda Weaver At 4:24PM Diana Howard At 4:36PM Linda Burke... more

Erin Field At 2:12PM Alice Pushee At 2:24PM Laurie Craig At 2:36PM Peggy Maxie At 2:48PM Mary Brasby At 3:12PM Penny Coyner At 3:24PM Lynn Jeter At 3:48PM Julia Timmons At 4:24PM Charlene Blakenship At 4:36PM Diana... more

Susan Haviland At 2:12PM Brenda Isenhour At 2:36PM Henrietta Gaither At 2:48PM Elaine Northrop At 3:00PM Gloria Block At 3:12PM Linda Souve At 3:24PM Carol Blatt At 3:36PM Myla Ramos At 3:48PM Phyliss Perron At... more

Carol Fricke At 2:00PM Monica Moskowitz At 2:12PM Tiffany Johnson At 2:24PM Lois Flewelling At 2:36PM Katie Maples At 3:00PM Julia Bowen At 3:12PM Leanne Tyler At 3:24PM Stella Hurt At 3:48PM Jan Pullin At 4:00PM Dominque... more

Susie Mcdaniel At 2:36PM Joyce Mitchell At 3:00PM Manon Sorrentino At 3:12PM

Cindy Kastner At 2:00PM Sharleen Gruber At 2:12PM Melody Ravert At 2:24PM Lisa Platt At 2:36PM Rosa Wayda At 2:48PM Jim Bone AT 3:00PM Rosemary Billingley At 3:12PM Leann Mccusker At 3:24PM Tonya Perry At 3:36PM Sara... more