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Dara Owens at 2:12 pm LaQuisha Hanna at 2:24 pm Janie Guiliani at 2:36 pm Jeanette Chasworth at 3:12 pm Tanika Jacks at 4:48 pm

Kim Carter At 2:00PM Mae Dooley At 2:12PM Ariel Schur-Vitale At 2:24PM Bethany Mello At 2:36PM Linda Reed At 2:48PM Valerie Phillips At 3:48PM Molly Schemper At 4:00PM Sook Gaskins At 4:12PM Susan Dyer AT 4:24PM Sabrina... more

Zoe Hickson At 2:00PM Rochelle Glover At 2:12PM Fatimah Winston At 2:24PM Barbra Frazier At 2:36PM Lise Sieber At 2:48PM Sheila Word At 3:12PM Sherri Sommers At 3:48PM Kathy Greer At 4:24PM Diane Wilson At 4:36PM Sandra... more

Pauline Thude Speckman At 2:00PM Rene Lynch At 2:24PM Adele Melchior At 3:00PM Patrice Golbston At 4:00PM Elizabeth Seiji At 4:48PM

Kristin Taylor At 2:00PM Idella Johnson At 2:12PM Anne Banet At 2:24PM Valerie Carr At 3:00PM Tina Smith At 3:24PM Mari Pynn-Drewry At 3:48PM Millie Atkinson At 4:00PM Kathy Clausen At 4:36PM

Melanie Dinwiddie At 2:12PM Shauna Sloan At 2:24PM Patricia Weins At 2:36PM Elfrieda Gamow At 3:00PM Cheryl LeMay At 3:12PM Jocelyn Efford At 3:24PM Mary Ann Weems At 3:48PM Linda Jordan At 4:00PM Keli Roberts At... more

Keli Roberts At 2:12PM Steffanie Lewis At 2:24PM Cheryl Burchell At 2:36PM Mary Courtwright At 3:00PM Joycelynn Lew At 3:48PM Darshana Nadkami At 4:00PM Charisse O'Fallen At 4:36PM Sarah Siameh At 4:48PM

Michelle Doss At 2:00PM Brenadette Puzzuole At 2:12PM Erica Rodgers At 2:48PM Susan Madison At 3:00PM Kara Greenwood At 3:12PM Heidi Mooney At 3:36PM Tracy Underhill At 4:00PM Cassandra Durant At 4:12PM Peggy Griffin... more

Sharon Dean At 2:00PM Barbara Godson At 2:24PM Bonnie Vorenberg At 2:36PM Michele Lawrence At 2:48PM Jill Hasling At 3:12PM Dawna Barnes At 3:24PM Karen Mitchell At 3:48PM Doreen Espinoza At 4:12PM Dawn Bailey At... more

Ann Miller At 2:00PM Linda Hart At 2:12PM Traci Johnson At 2:24PM Corinna Scott At 2:36PM Donna Bush At 2:48PM Stacy Julian At 3:00PM Sharron Sims At 3:12PM Kathy Rostamzadeh At 3:24PM Katie Conner At 3:48PM Myrna Swire... more