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Spotlight on Youth is a radio show focusing on social and legal trends impacting the rights and well-being of youth across the country. Spotlight on Youth is hosted by the Children's Law Center, Inc., a not-for-profit legal services organization dedicated to children's rights issues. Located in Kentucky, Children Law Center represents children in a variety of matters, participates in research and innovative community-based initiatives, and engages in larger reform work that affects practice and policy on regional and national levels

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Education is a known key to success affording youth the opportunity to develop skills and competencies necessary for them to become productive adults. For a variety reasons, many youth placed in juvenile detention and correctional... more

On June 29, 2011, Ohio House Bill 86 (HB 86) was signed into law. HB 86 is focused on undoing the get-tough-on crime approach of the past two decades that has led to overpopulation in the adult and juvenile correctional facilities and... more

In December of 2010, Fayette County Public Schools finalized an agreement with counsel from the Children's Law Center and Southern Poverty Law center to address disparities in discipline practices for youth of color and youth with... more

A wide array of programs are necessary to meet the individualized treatment needs of delinquent youth and help reduce over incarceration of juveniles. Lighthouse Youth Services (LYS) is a multi- service agency operating 19... more

Schools are increasingly overwhelmed by the needs of students with behavioral disabilities and frequently become the gateway to a juvenile justice system not equipped to meet the students' needs. This show will explore how the education... more

A majority of delinquent children have a history of trauma. Children and adolescents who come into the court system frequently have experienced not only chronic abuse and neglect, but also exposure to substance abuse, domestic... more

The Juvenile Detention Alternatives Initiative (JDAI) has been implemented in many jurisdictions across the country working toward improving outcomes for youth. The Annie E. Casey Foundation named New Jersey as JDAI's first-ever... more

Ensuring children obtain an education in a safe environment is a priority. However, zero tolerance policies have failed, sending into the juvenile justice system youth who often have mental health issues or disabilities, have little to... more

Recently, A&E has come under scrutiny for promoting and spending money on its show, Beyond Scared Straight, when research has demonstrated that "scared straight" and similar practices are not only ineffective but actually harmful to... more

In 2006, the Adam Walsh Act (AWA) was passed into law mandating that states adopt its provisions, including creating a sex offender registration system. Ohio was one of the first states to pass its version of AWA known as Senate Bill 10... more