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Spotlight on Youth is a radio show focusing on social and legal trends impacting the rights and well-being of youth across the country. Spotlight on Youth is hosted by the Children's Law Center, Inc., a not-for-profit legal services organization dedicated to children's rights issues. Located in Kentucky, Children Law Center represents children in a variety of matters, participates in research and innovative community-based initiatives, and engages in larger reform work that affects practice and policy on regional and national levels

On-Demand Episodes

Youth of color comprise 38 percent of the youth population in the U.S.yet comprise nearly 70 percent of those who are confined. That is because youth of color are arrested, charged and incarcerated more than White youth for similar... more

A need for a closer examination of girls in the juvenile justice system has occurred due to increased arrest rates during the past two decades. Research has shown that to address girls' delinquency requires gender-responsive... more

Almost four years ago, the State of Ohio entered into a sweeping settlement after a federal class action was filed in S.H. v. Stickrath (now S.H v. Reed) based on the unsafe and unconstitutional conditions of youth who were housed in state... more

Restorative Justice offers a novel approach to dealing with criminals. Both offenders and victims become integral to the process with offenders encouraged to take responsibility for their actions — apologizing to victims,... more

The use of isolation (also known as seclusion) as part of behavior management and control in juvenile detention and correctional settings has been the subject of debate and litigation for years. Research has demonstrated that isolation causes... more

In recent years, Kentucky has garnered national attention for detaining youth charged with status offenses at the second highest rate in the nation. In particular, Kenton County, Kentucky detains the highest number of youth for status... more

Juveniles who are released from residential placement and institutional confinement are more likely to succeed if they have access to services and structures that can help them thrive in a community environment. Lucas County,... more

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Questioning (LGBTQ) youth often experience social stigma, family rejection, school bullying, and housing instability. They have higher rates of depression, homelessness, and suicide and regularly... more

The ability to prosecute youth in the adult criminal justice system or and place youth in adult jails and prisons has serious consequences for the well-being and safety of youth, families and communities. Youth treated as adults recidivate at... more

Education is a known key to success affording youth the opportunity to develop skills and competencies necessary for them to become productive adults. For a variety reasons, many youth placed in juvenile detention and correctional... more