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Spotlight on Youth is a radio show focusing on social and legal trends impacting the rights and well-being of youth across the country. Spotlight on Youth is hosted by the Children's Law Center, Inc., a not-for-profit legal services organization dedicated to children's rights issues. Located in Kentucky, Children Law Center represents children in a variety of matters, participates in research and innovative community-based initiatives, and engages in larger reform work that affects practice and policy on regional and national levels

On-Demand Episodes

An update to the May 2012 report, Falling Through the Cracks, will be released soon. Erin Davies, Public Policy Attorney for the Children's Law Center, will discuss the report's contents, including trends regarding youth prosecuted in the... more

Many states have enacted blended sentencing statutes. These statutes allow juvenile courts to impose both juvenile and adult correctional sanctions or extend their jurisdiction over the youth into early adulthood. Many believe there are... more

The U.S. Supreme Court has recognized that adolescents are different than adults. It would seem to follow then that youth are treated as such under the law, including when they are involved in the juvenile and criminal justice systems.... more

Adolescents that move between the child welfare and juvenile justice systems, or are known to both concurrently are referred to as crossover youth. Crossover youth often enter the juvenile justice system at younger ages than other youth,... more

Quick Take Ohio: SCENARIOS USA REAL DEAL Curriculum Helps Teachers Engage Youth Steph Mukenyi Wahome who is the Greater Cleveland Manager for SCENARIOS USA, provides an overview of SCENARIOS USA, discusses their... more

Tribal Youth and Juvenile Justice: Promoting Resiliency, Youth Engagement, and Delinquency Prevention American Indiana and Alaska Native (AI/AN) children and youth have historically been overrepresented in systems, including the juvenile... more

The concept of whether one is competent to stand trial is commonly understood as applied to adults in criminal court proceedings. When it comes to kids who face delinquency petitions, the concept because less clear due in part to the issue of... more

On this episode, Sarah Biehl, Policy Director of the Children's Defense Fund - Ohio, discusses the problem known as the school-to-prison pipeline. She talks about the current data, policies that contribute to the phenomenon,... more

Human Trafficking has garnered a lot of attention in the past decade. It is now understood that children are trafficked internationally and domestically for both sex and labor. Unfortunately, most will never come to the attention of systems and... more

Shakyra Diaz, Policy Director of the ACLU of Ohio, examines the new state policy regarding use of seclusion rooms and restraints in Ohio public schools and she also discusses the issues around routine shackling of youth appearing in... more