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Spotlight on Youth is a radio show focusing on social and legal trends impacting the rights and well-being of youth across the country. Spotlight on Youth is hosted by the Children's Law Center, Inc., a not-for-profit legal services organization dedicated to children's rights issues. Located in Kentucky, Children Law Center represents children in a variety of matters, participates in research and innovative community-based initiatives, and engages in larger reform work that affects practice and policy on regional and national levels

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After spending time in a correctional facility, youth are often released without family, system, or community support. For a myriad of reasons, these youth face high rates of unemployment and education failure, have limited viable housing options, and are unable to access the assistance they require. Many now realize that in order to achieve long-term success, that reentry planning must occur way before a youth returns to his or her community. In order to address this disconnect and increase chances of success, the Juvenile Court in Cuyahoga County, Ohio, in partnership with the Ohio Department of Youth Services, Division of Parole, and community-based services, created a reentry court. Using evidence-based practices and with a goal to reduce recidivism and re-incarceration of youth, the project begins to work with youth several months before release and the support continues post-release. Guests on this episode will discuss the development and implementation of the collaborative effort, provide an overview of the mechanics of the reentry court itself, and share lessons learned. Guests: Karl M. Cetina, MPA, LICDC-CS, Director of Juvenile TASC for Cuyahoga County Catholic Charities, Diocese of Cleveland Ian Fraser, Cleveland Regional Parole Administrator, Ohio Department of Youth Services Magistrate Terease Neff, Cuyahoga County Court of Common Pleas, Juvenile Division
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