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  • 01:43

    IHWE Radio: Von Erich tribute.

    in Wrestling

    We welcome James Beard, Bill Colville, Steve Cox, and Terry Simms as we remember David and Kerry Von Erich. Also joining us will be Kevin Von Erich to talk about his brothers legacies.

  • 00:46

    Lizzie Brenkus: ‘I didn’t realize how much I had to say’ – BRINK OF MIDNIGHT

    in Sports

    ‘I didn’t realize how much I had to say’ ~ Lizzie Brenkus
    Meet Lizzie Brenkus, who has lived a life that has revolved around creativity and shares how life can change in the quietest of moments as she joins the LIFE WITHOUT LIMITS podcast with Yogi Roth.
    From being a member of the Long Beach Opera at age 8 to ultra marathons and Ironman competitions amid meeting the man of her dreams and now, creating a band—Lizzie’s life is one that will inspire you to follow your inner voice and ‘live big.’
    The lead singer of the band BRINK OF MIDNIGHT, she has been performing since childhood. What makes this conversation unique is learning how she cultivated her opportunities as ‘life’ happened and that she views fear as ‘excitement in disguise.’
    If you’re in a rut, nervous to take a chance on your passion or think that being a parent/partner means you have to give up your dreams just listen in, as Lizzie will nudge you to find your dream & chase it relentlessly, as she eloquently reminds us that ‘the work is the reward.’  
    Follow BRINK OF MIDNIGHT at https://www.brinkofmidnight.com or subscribe to BRINK OF MIDNIGHT podcast at https://www.brinkofmidnight.com/podcast. Follow Lizzie on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/lizzie.brenkus/ or FB: https://www.facebook.com/lizzie.brenkus.

  • 01:17

    Dive... Randy Orton starts a Wrestling Civil War

    in Wrestling

    Current WWE Champion Randy Orton retweeted the following message on Twitter, causing a divide in the Internet Wrestling Community:
    “Every Indy match now: handshake, drawn out move exchange, this is awesome chant, strike exchange, dive no sell Indy strongstyle, dive, more strikes, no sells, dive, flippy floppy sequence, dive, hit everyone with each other’s finisher then Humpty Dumpty we all fall down. Fight forever chant, rinse and repeat until every move is useless and means nothing, dive, take unsafe shot that looks like shit and hurts like hell then roll up finish. Hand shake and hug after match. Everyone’s hands raised. All these guys chant. Go home and type on social media thanking your opponents and company for the match and telling others they should book these guys. ……………dive.”
    PWF Empire contributors Jay, Stephen, Dalton, and Micah "dive" into the controversy created by Orton co-signing and amplifying the message, the significance of the independent wrestling scene on the wrestling industry as a whole, and its negative(?) influence on WWE.

  • 01:04

    Our First Annual Next Fan Up Sacred Cow Roast

    in Football

    Justin (Seahawks), Monty (Raiders), Kevin (Dez's Swag), and Greg (Steelers) take a break from the usual news and analysis to vent. Who has recieved praise (or heat in a few cases) well beyond what they deserve? Who is a product of some damn good luch? Does Bo actually know? Listen and find out!
    Follow us @nfupodast
    Email us Nextfanup@gmail.com
    Online at nextfanup.wordpress.com

  • 00:36

    The Replay: Once you Pop you can't stop

    in Basketball

    We get it, the NBA playoffs are BORING. The Warriors and Cavs could enter the finals undefeated. We are here to spice things up in NBA world with talk of Russell Westbrook's baby, The Process, and Coach Pop. We close it out with what might be our favorite game of all time-- "Poppin Off." Enjoy!

  • 00:50

    Frankly Speaking with Dr. Bruce Clarke: BMPs for turf disease management

    in Golf

    In this episode of Frankly Speaking, Dr. Frank Rossi chats with Dr. Bruce Clarke of Rutgers University about the history, creation and evolution of BMPs for managing patch diseases and anthracnose in turf. Programmatic approaches to control, intertwining of micronutrients and cultural practices, solid vs hollow tine aerification, self-inflicted issues, topdressing, nitrogen... and the real possibility -- with strict adherence to established BMPs -- of moving toward a scouting-based curative program for anthracnose management.
    Frank and Bruce also talk about the upcoming 13th International Turfgrass Research Conference to be held July 16-21 in New Brunswick, NJ.
    Presented by DryJect.

  • 01:15

    Detroit vs. Everybody... Else: Backcourt

    in Basketball

    On this special episode of the Detroit Bad Boys podcast, Jordan Bellant and Ben Gulker are joined by Jacob Kuyvenhoven. The trio tackle the idea of comparing the Pistons roster to every playoff team's roster in the East.
    Starting with the point guard spot, it pits Reggie Jackson against the other point guards in the East. The top four (Isaiah Thomas, Kyrie Irving, John Wall, and Kyle Lowry) make for a quick conversation, but also lead to inspecting the merits of Isaiah's career year and how to properly rank the PGs in the East. 
    From there, it moves onto the teams ranked 5th through 9th in the Eastern Conference Standings. With questions like: Is Dennis Schroder good? Is Malcolm Brogdon your Rookie of the Year? And which version of Rondo do you use to compare? 
    After point guard, it's time to talk KCP and the shooting guards. While Kentavious heads for an important summer, where does he really rank amongst two-guards in the East? Below Demar and Bradley, but who else?
    Is he better than a two-way player like Avery Bradley? What about the cast of one-way players like J.R. Smith and Dion Waiters? 
    Listen to find out their opinion, but share yours on DetroitBadBoys.com 
    The Detroit Bad Boys Podcast is a part of the SB Nation site, Detroit Bad Boys. Subscribe on iTunes and find archived episodes on Blog Talk Radio. For more information, go to DetroitBadBoys.com/Detroit-Pistons-Podcast

  • 01:15

    American Cityzens - Sergio's Back

    in Soccer

    Grey and Josh discuss City's wins over Leicester and West Brom, the performance of Sergio Aguero, Yaya Toure's future, Pablo Zabaleta, and some transfer talk.
    American Cityzens is a Manchester City podcast by two American sports journalists -- Grey Papke and Josh Webb-Thomson. Though purely dedicated to Manchester City, Grey and Josh wanted to provide a voice to the established and growing fan-base of Manchester City here in the United States. American Cityzens is a place for intelligent discussion and passionate fanfare. Man City may be located in Manchester, but they belong to the world now, we're just telling the American side of the story.

  • 00:37

    Patscap Podcast: The Christopher Price Interview

    in Football

    In this episode, Miguel spoke to Christopher Price who has a podcast on Patriots.com entitled "Cover 2 With Banks & Price". Chris also has a book about the Patriots coming out later this year as well. The two of them discussed several Patriots and league related topics in this interview. Later on, Miguel shared his thoughts on the contract extension for David Andrews.

  • 00:47

    The GABA Cast. Episode 77: Is it Football Season yet?

    in College & High School

    Greetings faithful listeners! 
    The boys are all here and they're ready to fire (see what we did there?) off some slightly-less-than-boiling opinions that may or may not be related to our recent mental states due to a slightly-more-than-frustrating baseball season thus far. We discuss many things, including a mid-season post-mortem on all that has transpired, and the larger implications of the real possibility that the South Carolina Gamecocks will miss the post-season for the first time since the Gerald Ford administration, but really what we try to do is pump a little fun into the mix to brighten the mood. So prepare yourself for some laughs, some wildly innacurate opinions, and even a Notre Dame 4-8 joke or six. We go off in tangents, answer your Twitter questions, and DC3 spills a drink on himself as we hope to provide a pleasant diversion from the sadness we've experienced on the diamond this spring.

  • 01:02

    Talking Motorcycles with AIMExpo and Springfield Mile I

    in Sports

    In this episode of Talkng Motorcycles we will discuss the Springfield Mile I American Flat Track Championship this weekend. We also talk to a very forward thinking yet "OLD SCHOOL" motorcycle dealer who happens to love flat track in is doing something super fun and positive about that.
    The AIMExpo is America'a most successful business model for motorcycle trade shows. Larry Little of AIMExpo comes sliding in slideways full locked to update us with all the latest news and information about the 2017 show. Locations, times, features and more will be dicussed.
    We will try our best to put the Springfield Mile and it's importance into perspective. Round 6 is set to be an absolute dog fight for the honors of winning and I will tell you why I think that.
    Thank you for listening to this edition of Talking Motorcycles with Barry Boone 
    Special thanks to:
    The Harley-Davidson Motor Company
    Rossmeyers Daytona Harley Davidson
    Dunlop Motorcycle Tires
    Bell Helmets 
    Sweet Marlay's Coffee Shop
    Clearwater Lights

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