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    The Opening Whistle-Let's Get It Started!

    in Sports

    This is the genesis podcast--I'll be breaking down what I'm talking about and why you should care (spoiler: you might not care); why I talk about the subjects of this podcast, specifically sports and marching; and my overall philosophy on podcasting and why I'm embarking on this grand exercise in hearing myself talk. A strong subplot will be figuring out how to get this daggone thing to work.

    Listeners and callers are welcome (be gentle), as is live feedback via Twitter, @80mins.

  • 01:30

    Iconic Status

    in Sports

    We will go over the top 25 wrestlers of ALL TIME on the very first Iconic Status!

  • 02:03

    Let's Talk NFL!!! Championship Special

    in Sports

    ...and the beat goes on.

    Wow...what a weekend of NFL Playoff football! The underdogs just a keep on winnin' and home field isn't amounting to much this year. Which means that I blew another week of picks...lol! So far, like many folks who watch the NFL (ahem...) I've been correct about one playoff game. Fortunately for me, that one game was the one my team, the Bears, played in. Hehehe! If you gotta get one out of 8 right, it might as well be that one.

    Jet's ending the Patriot mystique and mission...wow! Packers whipping the Falcons at home, where Matt Ryan had been unbeatable...double wow!

    Then we have the match-up of the ages next week in the Bears-Packer, longest running rivalry in sports, NFC Championship showdown.

    All this and more on tomorrow (Friday) night's 'Let's Talk NFL!!!' Championship Special. 10pm EST-7pm PST. Be there and catch all the action!

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    A vacant lot used especially by sport players for unorganized sports
    and games.

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    The Jake Herron Show

    in Sports

    Variety show containing a little bit of sports and a little bit of other stuff.
    What would your headline and subtitle be for both the NFC and AFC Championship game?
    Email your headline (12 characters or less) and it's subtitle (12 characters or less) to jakeherront@aol.com
    The best headline with it's subtitle will enter a chance to win a trip to ESPN Studios in Bristol, CT.

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    in Sports

    John Parker is one of America's most sought-after leadership and empowerment speakers. He is also a 24 year veteran of college and professional football coaching John is a Talk Show Host and leardership speaker who is outgoing and vivacious. John Parker, however, has the special ability to TRANSFER energy to the Listeners and the PARTICIPANTS! It is the people who listen and attend his events who come away dancing on the ceiling, filled with vitality, possibility, and exciting clarity about how to improve the quality of their lives, careers, communication, and families. John Parker's show and events are flat-out FUN! John Parker’s principles, experiences, and stories enable every single person in the audience to relate at a PERSONAL LEVEL. John Parker does not care about glitz and flash. In every show, seminar, and keynote John has delivered, participants love him because he KEEPS IT REAL! John Parker is 100% fully present for each audience and each individual. They feel as though he is speaking to every person one-on-one. John Parker’s goal is not to make himself a star, but to help every listener to his show, and every participant in his programs KNOW that he or she is a star. John brings humor and warmth to his programs through honest humility and openness. Upon closer examination, it becomes clear that Coach John Parker is a Great Sports Talk Show Host, Leadership Training Expert, and empowerment specialist, who cares deeply and believes fully in the people he speaks to!

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    Two Fat Guy Sports Show

    in Sports

    Blue collar sports talk

  • 01:00

    Speed Chicks and Stars

    in Sports

    The Speed Chicks and Stars invite you to sit down and listen as we recap the latest race and the implications of the chase! News and notes will also be part of our topics! Come join us!

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    Who Am I ?

    in Sports

    Thursday 8pm Nunez Who am I Comp ?

    FA Points up grabs!!!

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    The story

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    After Midnight Talk

    in Sports

    Any and Everything

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