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What is Sports Uncut? Simply put, this is a No Nonsense, No Holds Barred, No Punches Pulled, No BS sports talk blog. More importantly, who is the guy you're going to be listening to and reading blog posts from? Simply, who is Daymon Johnson? Well, it's summed up like this; I'm a HUGE sports fan and I have a an opinion I want to share with and discuss with all of you! for more information on me, go to www.sports-uncut.com and look at the "About daymon" tab. There's more info there than you probably care to know.... Thanks for reading!

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It's a new week, and last week and this past weekend saw some interesting developments in the Sports World. Firstly, we'll touch on the death on former NFL QB Steve McNair, hich is a tragic story. We'll stay in the NFL and work our... more

We're back and we're going full force ahead, tonight we will have a special guest near the bottom of the hour, Bobby Baumann, from the University of Minnesota to discuss the NHL Draft from last weekend and also to look at the Gophers in the... more

Tonight we're going to go all over the board! As always, we'll talk some NHL,NFL and MLB. I'm going to break down the NHL draft and picks 11-20 tonight. I'll address some listener email and interaction right off the top, and answer your... more

Tonight should be a good one! I'll be discussing the U.S. Open, and we'll break down how this thing was won! We'll swing on over to Major League Baseball, and I'll look at the hottest team in the league right now, The Colorado Rockies... more

Tonight we're going to discuss the Dante Stallworth sentence at length. I'll go on record and say, this is an absolute outrage, and I'm shocked by what I've seen! He get's 30 days for killing a man, while Vick got 18 months for... more

The Hiatus is OVER!!! I am back, fresh off a stint on a Denver radio station, and I'm ready to get this thing going! In tonights show, we're going to talk about all the hot topics, including the drama in Denver with one Brandon Marshall. Is this... more

Today's show is going to be a good one! we'll start it all where we always do, and that's in the NFL. We'll quickly look at last weeks picks and I'll give you the picks for this week and we'll look at the Plaxico Burress situation and I'll lay out... more

In tonight's episode we're going to pick up where episode BTR007 left off. We'll start out talking some MMA and Brock Lesnar. Does he deserve to be where he's at? We'll then look at the NFL, and all go through last weekends picks.... more

In tonight's episode, we'll start it in the NFL by talking about the Phil Savage email to a disgruntled fan. We'll review last weeks games quickly and then we'll look at the picks for this week. Coming in I'm 117 - 43 through the 160 games this... more

Tonight's show will be a good one! We're going to start by talking about the fallout from the Matt Holliday trade and what this means for the Rockies. My email was slammed with emails from listeners and readers asking about what's going to... more