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Show descriptions come hours before the show. E-mail Psychic Steve: PsychicSteveD@gmail.com if you are interested in being a guest, please email: Owen@spookhunters.com Anyone and everyone is welcome to use this... more
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Need advice from a group of wise guys? Not the mobster type, just a group of experienced 30 somethings shooting the stuff. Join Psychic Steve and the SpookHunters as they talk about the current events. Psychic Steve is a 7th... more

On tonights Show SpookHunter Owen is Joined in the Studio with Deep Throat Wes, and Psychic Steve! Wes is just back from the indian Ocean. He was on a boat serching for pieces of the missing plane. What do you think happened... more

?The world is full of giants They have always been here Lumbering in the schoolyards Limping through the alleys We had to learn how to deal with them How to overcome them We were small, but fast, remember? We were like... more

Join SpookHunter Owen, Deep Throat, and Psychic Steve as they entertain you today. Deep Throat will be talking about his Trip to Russia and Crimea. He'll give us the lowdown on whats happening over there. Psychci Steve is ready to... more

Psychic Stve is in the house! Also, what's going on with Russia and Crimea? Call and talk to us!

Call in if you want a reading from Psychic Steve and your future will be told! E-mail him too! PsychicSteveD@gmail.com Facebook.com/TheREALSpookHunters

GOOD EVENING EVERYBODY! Today's the last day of Black Hstory Month. Call in if you have some black history to share. Ladies, would you want to go on a Date with a REAL 40 year old virgin? For Real, no foolin'! We got one! Call... more

The SpookHunters are joined by Scott Marlowe, an American Cryptozoologist, LIVE IN STUDIO as they discuss his new book "Cryptic Creatures of Florida" as well as a bunch of others. We'll catch up on what's been going on in the Crypto... more

HAPPY V-Day everyone! On this EP!SODE, we go over some Valentine's Trivia, and we have a contest to see who can Eat half of a 1-year old Burger King Burger the fastest. The burger has just been sitting in a tupperware container in the... more