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Join, SpookHunter Owen, Damon and Deep Throat Wes as they discuss some of the top paranormal news of the day. There's been a lot of Alligator attacks in Florida lately! Deep Throat is going to get personal with one. And Psychic Steve... more

We are back after our Summer break and are bringing you lots of weird and unusual stuff. Death, what happens when you die? What's your thoughts? Do you ever worry about death? SpookHunter Owen will attempt to explain death as... more

It's Owen's 35th birthday and the gang is all here LIVE in the SpookHunters Studio! We have Three Psychic LIVE in the studio, so call in and join the fun!

On today's exciting EP!SODE, find out what the Pope said to upset SpookHunter Owen. Deep Throat Wes joins Owen LIVE in the Studio and they will be calling Churches in the Orlando area to find out what they think. Also, they'll be calling... more

Call Now, Call Often... Bookmark us and follow us. SpookHuntersRadio.com Facebook.com/TheREALSpookHunters Join SpookHunters Owen, and Clutch LIVE from the Studio along with Psychic Steve. Steve will take your calls... more

GOOOOOOOOOOOOOD EVENING TRUE BELIEVERS!!!!! Please Join the worlds greatest, most successful, Paranormal investigator of all time, SpookHunter Owen with SpookHunters.com He'll take any of your paranormal questions or... more

Everybody has a special gift or abilty that the universe has blessed them with. Today we will explore some of these gifts. I sense a lot of glum chums out there, and if you would just excercise your special ability, you'd be filled with... more

Need advice from a group of wise guys? Not the mobster type, just a group of experienced 30 somethings shooting the stuff. Join Psychic Steve and the SpookHunters as they talk about the current events. Psychic Steve is a 7th... more

Join us today LIVE in the Studio as we talk to Denise Stone, an aliean abductee and now Co-Author of the book "The Alien Abduction Files". It's the MOST startling cases of Human Alien contact and interactions EVER reported! You can... more