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Tha Jackal has issued an open challenge to one Andre Fatsisco Pendejo! Or MobieTardExpress. Seriously debate me! I DARE YOU TO SHOW UP ANDRE!

So this fat bastard ELI calls me a terrorist even tho he's the one who's been stalking me for MONTHS!!! He's done countless shows insulting me, and he's done YouTube videos giving out my name, and my home city. He now gets... more

Back on BTR after years off this network... I'm now a free agent, and has been let go from the network I built. But now I'm without a home to call my own so I have returned to my original home on radio. Blog Talk Radio! Simply... more

The reason Zack Snyder will be the savior of Superman! Listen to HollywoodAssRape in this amazing emergency episode as he goes toe to toe with his new foe! MovieTardExpress! Together they will showcase the true nature... more

Welcome all to "The New Farce" of ufology! This is Ursonuts Radio, and your host Jeffery Watermer Springer will take you on a ride down a rabbit hole wider then a Korean whores butthole. Ufos are real, and Aliens are walking along... more

The story continues as Hollywoodassrape is now in a hospital room guarded by dozens of police men, and the terrorists known as Tha Jackal, and ZodWriter are still at large. Tonight MovieTard is forced to host along with Anthony Tard, and... more