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Have you ever been interested in writing and performing your own spoken word pieces? Spoken word poetry doesn't just want to sit on paper but wants you to perform or listen to it. Tune in to hear work from the past as well as current spoken word artists on Blogtalk. Hear artist interviews and learn what inspires these poets to write, create and perform their spoken word pieces. Take a break from your workday and listen in to free your mind and get inspired by spoken word poetry. Call in to participate with blogtalk radio broadcasters and perform your own poetry pieces.
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    2013 Gotta Get My Body, Taxes, And Natural Hair Tight

    in Social Networking

    Phillina Lofton is an owner of a Colbert Ball Tax Service franchise. Phillina has over ten years experience in the tax field.  Phillina specializes in making sure her customers receive their maximum refund with the lowest fees possible. Her company specializes in self-employment, individual returns, and small business operation.
    Tamika Fletcher has established herself as one of the leading experts in beauty, healthy hair care and do it yourself (DIY) lifestyle options. Tamika is a co-founder of Natural Resources Salon. Tamika has features on Essence.com and on the national TV shows Deals, and Mirror, Mirror. Tamika is proud to boast an impressive client roster including TV host, Deborah Duncan, Houston City Council Member Wanda Adams, Angel Taylor of the Gospel Duo, Trin-i-tee 5:7 and more.
    A'Renee is a Fashion and Fitness coach who believes that our outer appearance is a direct reflection of internal thoughts and attitudes about our physical selves. After a 50lb and 30 plus inches body transformation, she discovered a new confidence in her passion to help others to look and feel great about who they are. A'Renee is currently a motivational trainer with Mean Green Training.     
    Naturally Happy Hair is here to educate and empower anyone who is natural or considering making the transition. We provide dialogue about hair care products, best practices and a plac

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    The Morning Glory International Voices of Hope With Min. Kim

    in Spirituality

    Welcome to The Morning Glory International Voices of Hope where we provide you with an atmosphere of Hope. Today, we all can use an encouraging word that will lead us to leap in our spirits and cause transformation to take place.
    In 2013, our aim is to do just that, provide you weekly segments of inspirational stories that will cause you to leap into your DESTINY.
    This month Min. Kim meets with Men on FIRE to assist you to leap for a BRIGHTER future. Believe in the Impossible.

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    Diasporan Truth -Ngosa Chungu | Business Forum- Rabson Tembo

    in News

    On Diasporan Truth we talk to Ngosa Chungu, host of Today with Zamtel. Rabson Tembo will be the special guest, born in Kitwe and raised on the Copperbelt, a Church Minister and an Enterprenuer, Tembo is a Managing Partner at CMT Management Consulting Inc in Lusaka, Zambia. Join us as we discuss the role of Zambians in the disapora in Zambian Business Market.

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    And The Word Became Flesh

    in Spirituality

    In this show Astarius Miraculii will take us on an exploration of how to access the high frequency energies of the 2013 Ascension Paradigm as it relates to Self Love, Vulnerability, Forgiveness, Relationships and Creativity. We will transform darkness into Light, pain into Joy and poison into Poltion via Ascension Wisdom and Healing Music Therapy. 

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    God word

    in Christianity

    Teach. The word

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    Let Your Life Be Filled With Gods Light

    in Religion

    How to receive Gods enlightenment. We will learn to follow Gods word and gain knowledge and insight in to the word of God by studying Gods word from the Bible.  We shall learn how God will enlighten our minds to a supernatural spiritual level, In essence we will learn to live in the relm of God and enjoy the Blessing of God in our lives.

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    Smoke Stack Underground LIVE with Sir Nard

    in Hip Hop Music

      smoke stack underground
      dropping hits from georgia
    hottest unsigned artest in the game
    featuring waco finest' (house of pain)  live with young jit
       see you in the georgia dome
    music from k quick,  meezy chico ganster, slim,streets j . c.rob ,j e knocker,  rich boy q,   d. freash mark coleion,  franchies ,willie amz ,kendra, king wallace ,uno, unkle tyme , big money X . lyques to go, e sap ,saint nick, dorin gile tornado, 7"1,  boss lady,  t-tro and wild cat bizzy bee

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    "They Overcame"

    in Religion

    New Segment: "They Overcame"
    Host:Minister Billie Burns
    "And they overcame Him by the Blood of the Lamb, and by the Word of their Testimony" Revelation 12: 11 
    "They Overcame" this Empowering Blog Talk Radio Program features interviews of Guest with Tremendous Testimonies of how "They Overcame."  The program allows audience members to call in and give their Powerful Testimonies.
    Join us Saturday Mornings at 5:00 AM Pacific Standard Time. We appreciate your support. Call in # (858) 683-1334. Please email us at: newdestiny54@yahoo.com or mail us any Prayer Request or Praise Reports you would like us to share on the broadcast to: P O Box 5702, Stockton, CA 95205.

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    S.M.I.L.E.3.E. presents Evangelist Toni "A.S.K!!!"

    in Religion

    Evangelist Toni is the founder of "Beauty For Life" and GOD has commissioned Evangelist Toni to meet HIM ever Saturday Morning at 5:00 (EST) in Prayer and to "A.S.K!!!"
    JESUS said "A- ASK; S- SEEK and K-KNOCK according to GOD's WORD in St Matthew 7:7 "Ask and it shall be given you; Seek and ye shall find; Knock, and it shall be opened unto you"
    Please Join Evangelist Toni every Saturday morning at 7 a.m. EST and 6 a.m. (CST) as GOD manifest the blessings of HIS A.S.K.!!!

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    Elisabeth Elliot said: "Cold prayers, like cold suitors, are seldom effective in their aims." (The P

    in Prayer

    Our prayer motivator verse from the Word of God today is Matthew 6:5 which reads: "And when thou prayest, thou shalt not be as the hypocrites are: for they love to pray standing in the synagogues and in the corners of the streets, that they may be seen of men. Verily I say unto you, They have their reward."

    Our prayer motivator quote today is from E.M. Bounds. He said: "Long, discursive, dry, and inane are the prayers in many pulpits. Without unction or heart, they fall like a killing frost on all the graces of worship. Death-dealing prayers they are. Every vestige of devotion has perished under their breath. The deader they are the longer they grow."

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    Spirit Matters: "Envision God's Vision for Your Life"

    in Spirituality

    Rena Comer is founder of Caribbean Crusade for Christ Ministries. She is a native of St.Thomas US Virgin Islands and teacher of the Gospel, she is anointed to speak on matters of Deliverance. Deliverance is for anyone who wants and desires to live a life in covenant with God. Special guests and specific lessons on living the empowered life will be shared, as well as mini-courses on spiritual authority offered to students of the Word.

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    C.D. - Colin Powell & The Dark Vein of Forgetfulness

    in Current Events

    While covering the gun control issue, I had in mind, the comments and reaction by the liberal press, to an interview with a man, many thought would be the 1st black president of the U.S. – Colin Powell.
    He was Sec. of State, National Security Advisor, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and Commander of the U.S. Army Forces Command.  He’s from the Bronx!
    HATED by black America, until he did the “turnaround” – he supported Barack Obama.
    On Meet the Press, Powell had some strong word for his party, the GOP, accusing it of developing a “Dark Vein of Intolerance”.
    Was he right? Does the GOP have to shift gears to become more acceptable to an arguably changing demographic? How far? Is the salvation for the black man, the Democratic Party? Is it any better or worse than the GOP?
    Hillary Clinton made her grand stage, FINALLY testifying on the Benghazi incident. Some called it a “witch-hunt” (THEIR words, not mine). In fact, hearing it from them, she “won”! Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky stated that he would have relieved her of duty, for what he and others see as negligence, leading to the deaths of four Americans.  Tune in this Saturday! You DON’T want to miss THIS ONE (Not that you ever want to on any other day …)