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The Spiwe Show(R) is an idea exchange empowering you to Live Well, Live Fully, and Love Deeply by improving the quality of your personal, professional, and spiritual relationships. New shows every Sunday. Subscribe to the iTunes Podcast! Visit www.spiwe.com for resources for each show.

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You're busy with kids, career, and – well – LIFE! What realities do you need to embrace around scheduling, and how do you make it work? And for it to be worth your while, doesn't that mean you should be looking for better... more

Dealing with change, and getting the lawyers. You had a dream and this wasn't it. But now, you can't even see a future because everything – your tomorrow, your retirement, your friends, your vacations – everything... more

Those of you who have done it will know that there are some big differences between dating in your 20s and dating when you're over 40. This show highlights some of those differences in the hope that if you are in this situation, you know... more

When you got married, you thought (or hoped) it would be forever. Perhaps you turned up your nose at the singles left behind alone in the wilderness. You reveled in your picket fence (or manicured lawn), minivan and 2.5 children. Everyone... more

This show is particularly for the fellas! Is your wife not sufficiently submissive? Do you wish your girlfriend would step back and let you lead the relationship just once? If you are the wife or the girlfriend, do you notice resentment in your... more

Are you one of those people who jumped off the couch at the beginning of the year and resolved to get into shape? Maybe you bought a brand spanking new gym membership that you were really excited about and went to this cool gym... more

If you are one of those people who think there's no difference between, say Africans and African-Americans, you will find this show educational. Americans and Asians, Chinese and Japanese, Puerto Ricans and Mexicans. Even when... more

Do you have chubby habits? Do you nod when you hear that commercial and promise to take the stairs tomorrow? Are you eating that pizza this one last day because it's there? Are you too comfortable or too unimaginative to do anything... more

Do you feel trapped in a marriage where you are unhappy and discontent? Are you wondering whatever possessed you to marry that no good so-and-so in the first place? Perhaps you have joyfully accepted his proposal and now you're... more

Are you wondering what it's like to go to a far away country like Zimbabwe? Have you heard rumors and wondered about the economy? The political climate? Do you wonder what it would be like to go on a safari and see the animals (aren't... more
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