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The Spiwe Show(R) is an idea exchange empowering you to Live Well, Live Fully, and Love Deeply by improving the quality of your personal, professional, and spiritual relationships. New shows every Sunday. Subscribe to the iTunes Podcast! Visit www.spiwe.com for resources for each show.

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Let's face it, most of us definitely don't know how to do either one of these things well. Have you ever tried to provide someone with gentle constructive criticism and been received by a torrent of indignations, resentment and drama?... more

We all want to be successful at work. Not surprisingly, relationships drive your career success. But how do you do it when the odds seem to be stacked against you? Perhaps you are the only woman in what feels like a shark tank of men.... more

You know the scenarios, right? He's on the internet looking at images or videos of women or people having sex, but he's not physically with them. She is talking to her long lost high school or college or first love in a chat room or online at... more

We could also call this show "One Man's Opinion". Listen to his answers to topics like 1) If a man isn't calling, does he need to be reminded I'm here? 2) Men don't talk about feelings because they don't think about them. 3) All men cheat. 4)... more

If you are a professional trying to juggle a challenging and hopefully exciting career, a relationship, and perhaps, children, you don't need much of an introduction to this topic. You might even layer the complexity of this juggling... more

One of the lessons good managers and leaders learn in business is that people don't change that much. In personal relationships, this is also often true. If you have been in a relationships for a while and are feeling annoyed by... more

A 1990 Gallup study indicated that about 36% of Americans are lonely. An odd thing given that we now have more communication tools than ever: smart phones, texting capabilities, tweets, social media, chat rooms, social clubs, book clubs,... more

Have you ever wondered what the truth is behind the negative propaganda about Islam and the Muslim faith? Are you interested in learning about a culture that too many of us don't really understand? Travel through one man's... more

To be or not to be. The choice is yours! Whether you are happy or miserable in your relationships, the choice is yours. If things at work are not going well, you have the power to make the change. If you are convinced your misery... more

If you are in a relationship you know is bad for you, or with someone who does not treat you well, you are not alone. If you are struggling to get past a relationship that is negatively affecting your current relationships, or if you are... more
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