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The Spiwe Show(R) is an idea exchange empowering you to Live Well, Live Fully, and Love Deeply by improving the quality of your personal, professional, and spiritual relationships. New shows every Sunday. Subscribe to the iTunes Podcast! Visit www.spiwe.com for resources for each show.

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At the beginning of the year, many of us make resolutions; I'm going to lose weight I'm going to save more money I'm going to spend more time with my family I'm going to learn a language What ever the resolution is, too often, by the... more

It's a new year and time for new things! New resolutions, new objectives, new goals, turning over a new leaf, all that stuff. So what about your relationships? Now is the perfect time to assess and figure out what relationships should grow,... more

A look back at eleven significant events that helped shape 2011. Do you remember what happened on January 8? What about the two divergent events that happened on May 1? Tune in for a review of the big topics of 2011.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all! As we celebrate Christmas day, we examine the greatest gift we can receive and give, and how best we should respect and use it. ?I hate my brother!? Love anyway ?Did you hear what she... more

‘Tis the season of Yuletide cheer! Everywhere you turn there are jingly songs, Christmas bells, invitations to buy gifts, but holidays are also a time of great stress for many people. Despite being better connected technologically,... more

It's that time of year – Thanksgiving and Christmas, when I like to go on my Seefood Diet – I see food, I eat it. Does that sound like you too? Then we start the year with more pounds that we ever wanted, we make all sorts of... more

First, let's admit it; most of us talk to God. Especially now that the holidays are coming. Does this sound familiar? God I hope this turkey turns out okay. Oh, God, why is Uncle Louie coming to the dinner party? He gets drunk every year and... more

It's Thanksgiving season in the US and Canada, and a time many people reflect on what they are grateful for. We are talking about gratitude – the concept of being thankful, seeing the silver lining in every cloud even when... more

Once upon a time society suggested that you should wait until you get married to have sex. That was once upon a time. Now, society says it's okay to have sex whenever the feeling moves you, whether it's on a first date or just ?hooking... more

Pet lovers, this show is for you! We know there are many of you out there because some statistics indicate that in the US alone, 2/3 of the population owns pets and spends $40 billion a year on them. Wow! Have you ever... more
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