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Presenting to you some of today's best Psychic Mediums, Medical Intutives, Spiritual Teachers with one goal in mind which is to educate,enlighten,and empower you so you can be all you were meant to be and have the life you were always meant to have. Spiritual Talk Radio is more than just another Psychic program its a Spiritual resource center. So tune in,call in and get moving towards your dreams.

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Hello there why dont you pick up your phone dial this number 347 - 327 - 9316 and get some real answers. Psychic Medium Michael has helped countless number of people from all over the world and now he is ready to do the same... more

Jeffrey Seelman is an internationally recognized professional psychic, teacher, author, clearing expert, and exorcist, specializing in the clearing of individuals, homes, businesses, and psychic protection. Jeffrey is also an expert on... more

You Got Questions... I have answers Call in at 347 327 9316 Please only ask one question per caller Set up full readings at www.insightswithmichael.com

Lisa Barretta is a practicing astrologer, intuitive counselor, certified Reiki practitioner, and researcher in the fields of consciousness and psychic sensing. Her ability in astrological delineation coupled with uncanny intuitive insight has... more

I know you have them, thats questions right well why dont you give me a ring and let let help you find some answers. The call in number is 347 327 9316 We ask that you only ask one question per caller and dont forget you can set up full... more

Michael will be teaching on the subject of being in the now He also will be taking your calls at 347 327 9316 and will be doing free readings on air. Please only ask one question per caller you can set up full readings at... more

Join us as we welcome back Travis Sanders to the program he has been here a few times before and he returns to catch us up on his life and to share his expertise as a psychic medium with us as well. Travis has been seeing spirits... more

ARE YOU READY? For another Spirit Filled, Spirit Packed, Spirit Led Spiritual Talk Radio... We are!! Tune in Call in and experience what others are talking about Tonight Michael will key open his mic and Spirit will speak

Free Readings at 347 - 327 -9316 later on in the pogram Karen Downing's spiritual work began in 2007 by connecting clients with their past lives and life purpose during intuitive readings at local Seattle area psychic fairs. In 2009, after... more

Good Morning you all! On todays program I will do what I bellieve I do best and that is helping you find answers so pick up your phone punch in these numbers 347 - 327 - 9316 and lets see what Spirit has to say to you today on... more