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Presenting to you some of today's best Psychic Mediums, Medical Intutives, Spiritual Teachers with one goal in mind which is to educate,enlighten,and empower you so you can be all you were meant to be and have the life you were always meant to have. Spiritual Talk Radio is more than just another Psychic program its a Spiritual resource center. So tune in,call in and get moving towards your dreams.

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You heard it right Psychic Medium John Turski is going to be with us tonight sharing his journey and doing a few free readings later on in the program. Michael is so excited about this program and wants to remind you that we do get a... more

Join us tonight as we talk to Sunita Sitara she will be talking tonight about Feng Shui and how it can help us on our own personal journey she also will be talking about numerology as well and telling us if their are any important dates to watch... more

Join me tonight as we continue to look at Fear and look at how are fears got started and how they came to be. We also will look at what they may have kept us from. And the big one we will lookis this belief system that tells you and I... more

Sean Michael returns to Spiritual Talk Radio and tonight he will be talking about remote viewing along with other stuff its going to be a intresting converstation in Spirit you wont want to miss. He also will be helping you find those answers you... more

Phone lines will open later on in the program and Michael will notify you when he will be taking your calls.Michael will be taking a limited number of callers tonight if you want to to be sure you get on air with him you can give a $10.00 donation... more

Phone lines will only be open today to discuss the subject matter of this pogram we will not be doing readings on todays program. Today we welcome Dr.Rita Louise to the program Dr Rita Louise is founder of the Insititute of Applied... more

As we begin a new year I was motivated to move forward with a teaching series that Im going to call Next Steps. In this teaching series we will look at different things that might be holding us back plus we will also learn how to take steps... more

Join me as I take your calls help you find answers and relay to you any messages coming through from your loved ones on the other side. Also there will be a channeled message from Steven my guide. Phone lines open all... more

Tonight we welcome Martina Schmidt to the program In her own words.. "I have been described as a little bit woo woo, a little bit kick ass and a whole lot of love. I'm not a crystal ball toting psychic and I don't even know how to read... more

Im so excited to have one of the worlds amazing up and coming Medium with me tonight,so join me tonight as we welcome Travis Sanders to the program. Travis James Sanders' unique story began at an early age, but took a major turn at the... more