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Spiritual Politics

Spiritual Politics


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"As Above, So Below," "Man was made in the Image of God," "Tat Vam Asi (That art Thou)." These great sayings form the core of spiritual philosophies the world over. In them lies the great secret of Spirituality, that the individual human being, and the divine, share a singular relationship of profound mystery. But while mysticism may be beautiful, faith without works is dead. The ultimate end of any religion is not merely belief, but an ethic, a code of behavior. And as individuals must have a code, how much so for nations? Every other Saturday, at 11 am Pacific, Join Elias Wilkin as he explores the intersection of politics, ethics and spirituality.

On-Demand Episodes

In this Episode, Elias Wilkin explores the epistemology of Spiritual Politics. How do we know what we know? How does knowledge work? This concept has been discussed in snippits in prior episodes, but now, finally, epistemology gets its... more

In this Episode, Elias Wilkin Puts forth the central thesis of Spiritual Politics: that Anarch-Capitalsim is the only moral, natural and legitimate form of social governance, and that efforts to bring about and maintain this type of society are... more

In this episode Elias Wilkin examines the issue of Gay marriage, so recently tackled by the Supreme Court of the United States. A brief overview of the current state of the law leads into a compairson between Spiritual Politics and the... more

Coming at you a little late this week, Elias Wilkin brings the view of Spiritual Politics to bear upon the question of workers' rights, particularly the issue of wages. He'll examine the rights of property and contract, in the terms of Spiritual... more

In this episode of Spiritual Politics, Elias Wilkin explores the concepts of Essentialism, Natural Rights, and Natural Law, in contrast to Existentialism, Nihilism, and "Positive Law," with respect to individual autonomy. In the latter... more

In this episode, Elias Wilkin takes the Metaphysical and Ethical Philosophies previously estblished and uses them to flesh out the political philosophy. He will examine the nature of the State and the people's relationship to it, and how this... more

In this Episode, Elias Wilkin recaps the Metaphysics established in the first two episodes, and then builds off this foundation to lay out a spiritual ethical philosophy, in which the ethical binary of "Good and Bad" is expanded into a... more

Elias Wilkin examines the Macrocosm of the Spirit, the Microcosm of the soul, and discusses how the study of the relationship between these two reveals the autonomy of the individual.

This first Episode of "Spiritual Politics" will explore the broad strokes of the basic thesis, which will drive the content for the entire series, namely, that a study of the mystical phrases "As Above so Below," "Man is Made in the Image of God," and... more