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Spiritual Politics

Spiritual Politics


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"As Above, So Below," "Man was made in the Image of God," "Tat Vam Asi (That art Thou)." These great sayings form the core of spiritual philosophies the world over. In them lies the great secret of Spirituality, that the individual human being, and the divine, share a singular relationship of profound mystery. But while mysticism may be beautiful, faith without works is dead. The ultimate end of any religion is not merely belief, but an ethic, a code of behavior. And as individuals must have a code, how much so for nations? Every other Saturday, at 11 am Pacific, Join Elias Wilkin as he explores the intersection of politics, ethics and spirituality.

On-Demand Episodes

Spiritual Politics Returns with more analysis of the Tree of Life, this time focusing on Geburah, the Sphere of Strength and all the martial qualities of the Self.

After the passing of the holidays, Elias Wilkin returns to ring in the new year with an examination of the Sphere of Tipareth and the Tarot Trump of "The Sun" the glorious triumpg of the self. Like the great solar sphere, tune in on the first day of... more

In this 3rd episode in the Tree of Life mini-series, Elias Wilkin explores the Sphere of Netzach (Victory), and the Empress of Value, who passes judgment over the boutny of life and determines what we should seek to achieve and maintain,... more

In this second episdode in the Tree of Life mini-series, the journey continues into the Sphere of Hod, where we meet "The Magician"

After a long and unforseen dormancy, Spiritual Politics returns with a bang. This episode kicks off a new multi-part series in which Elias Wilkin leads a guided tour up the Kabbalahistic Etz Chaim, the Tree of Life. But this is not... more

In this episode Elias Wilkin examines why both religious and spiritual people tend to develop sympathies for statist ideologies.

After a brief hiatus, Elias Wilkin returns to Spiritual Politics to discuss "Dualism," and the opposing philosophy of "Non-Dualism." Elias examines the evolutionary origins of Dualism, as well as the spiritual, ethical and political dangers inherent... more

In this Episode, Elias Wilkin examines the origins and theory of "Progressivism," the innocuous name given to so-called "liberal" collectivist theories that run contrary to Natural Law and have wormed their way into the center of our... more

The "Invisible Hand" of the free market gets spiritualized into the "Tao of the Market," in this episode. Elias Wilkin examines how the Free Market--the free association of soveriegn individuals--brings about the creation of wealth for all... more

In this episode, Elias Wilkin examines the Left-Right Paradigm as it currently stands in American politics, and questions wheather these concepts make any sense when examined at a deeper level than mere talking points and... more