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    Open Prayer

    in Spirituality

    Taking prayer request. Joining in with the people that are in need of answers from God. Calling up to our Father in heaven.

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    Beautiful Blessings Readings with Natasha (October 1st)

    in Spirituality

    NEW!!! I will now be answering a few questions per show through e-mail. Starting at 10PM tonight you can submit ONE question via e-mail to BeautifulBlessingsRadioShow@Yahoo.com. You MUST make the subject "October 1st" in order to be eligible. Be sure to put your first name or initials in the e-mail.

    Another fun night filled with free mini-Readings for callers! Have a question that's been bugging you? Give me a call!

    Free intuitive Tarot Readings will be given away to callers so call early! (The number is 1 (760) 587-4076 to call in on!) I'm Natasha and I am a Professional Tarot Reader and currently Read on a site called LivePerson. You can find me and my 250+ reviews at www.LivePerson.com/Beautiful-Blessings/. I provide free mini intuitive Tarot Readings here on Blog Talk Radio for callers! If you are interested in a full Reading, please contact me on Facebook!

    IMPORTANT!!! I ask that all callers check out this blog post which explains what I ask of you during a live session, what I can and can't do, and more! So please read this over. It will only take a few minutes and is easy to do before the show or while you're waiting! http://evermorewickedevermorelovely.blogspot.com/2010/08/beautiful-blessings-readings-with.html

    This show is a general show which means I take questions in any areas (other than ones specified on the post which explains what I do not do Readings on).

    Beautiful Blessings,

    E-mail: BeautifulBlessingsRadioShow@Yahoo.com
    Purchase a Reading starting at $2.50: http://evermorewickedevermorelovely.blogspot.com/p/purchase-reading.html
    My Facebook: www.facebook.com/beautifulblessingstarotreadings/
    Facebook Fan Page: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Beautiful-Blessings-Readings-Radio-Show/143014269069758
    My Blog: http://evermorewickedevermorelovely.blogspot.com

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    Anger and Christmas Trees

    in Spirituality

    I can't explain this one! You've just got to listen!

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    Exploring Ayahuasca, and other plant medicine via Sacred Texts.

    in Spirituality

    The ancient Zorastrian texts cite cases of the high priests ingesting Soma or Homa and experiencing other portals of reality, including what they termed Heaven and Hell. What is Soma or Homa? Cara will be exploring these topics with David tonight.

    As many of you know we have been talking about plant medicine, mostly Ayahuasca, which is a combination of plants from the rain forests of Peru. Ayahuasca is a combination of two plants, the leaf of one plant and the vine of another plant together that activates di methyl triptamine, an hallucinogen, often creating powerful spiritual revelation and intense visuals, euphoria, even what many will argue are true hallucinations or rather perceived extensions of reality.

    Cara is hoping to learn together with listeners about our origins and our place in the universe via plant medicine. Is Ayahuasca a deceiver or a brilliant illuminator? Is it a window into the unconscious or another dimension? Is plant medicine a gift from the planet and our birthright to explore? Were the origins of most religious and spiritual revelation brought about or enhanced by plant medicines? What are the religions that use it in ceremony? Are the leaders of various religions and spiritual practice adept in the use of plant medicine and what do the sacred texts of various religions tell us of the use of plant medicine?

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    Songs of Shalom

    in Spirituality

    This is a time of meditation and prayer. We will be featuring special guest Israel ben YAH, James Hudson,Dexter Hudson, And Byron Marshall. This is an open discussion. Chat will be available. Hallelu YAH!

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    Psychic Readings with Melissa Hevenor and Steven Raebel

    in Spirituality

    Join us as we do a special psychic readings show. Call in and get a mini reading from both Steven Raebel and Melissa Hevenor. Both have very unique background and specific gifts, and tonight they will come together and do a call in readings show.

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    *NEW* PHYSIC on the air! FREE Insight READING

    in Spirituality

    I assure you I am just as normal as you are. EVERYONE has a unique gift and mine is clairvoyance.

    If you need a solution I'm here to help. Down to earth clairvoyant on the line.

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    See Where Spirit Leads

    in Spirituality

    Join me for a great show that has a great story! Jenny Mannion found her love of healing after healing herself of several chronic diseases. She had been in chronic pain for 7 years and was told she would end up in a wheelchair within a few years. After seeing the movie, "The Secret" Jenny began studying the mind/body connection and the law of attraction and applying them to her life. Within 3 weeks she was off of all pain pills and no longer in pain. A year later she was given her hematologist's blessing to go off of "coumadin" a blood thinner she was told she would be on for life. In writing her ebook of her healing (and trying to find a way to market it to spread the word) she fell in love with blogging and has since written over 200 articles on her blog Heal Pain Naturally. She is a Reconnective Healing Practitioner (offering distance and in person sessions) and a Soul ReAlignment Practitioner (Reading and clearing Akashic records for people and properties). She is also a Mind/Body Mentor who coaches from the system she came up with to heal. Jenny now lives her life in perfect health and even belongs to a belly dance troupe - almost 4 years after healing herself. She welcomes contact and loves talking about anything related to healing.

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    The Fist Test of Tarot Abilty

    in Spirituality

    This is going to be a very short show. It's an effort to get my feet wet in practicing my psychic abilities. So don't be shy, call in and let's see if together we can solve your future.

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    Empower a woman Emancipate a planet: Women's Empowerment and Hip Hop

    in Spirituality

    An in depth exploration on the philosophy of womanhood,and our cultural,historical, and creative contributions to humanity.

    In the beginning of this series we are going to discuss how women's empowerment has affected and is ever prevelant in Hip Hop. How women empower one another through music and are empowered through music individually and collective from a sociological level, and one question to ask yourselves is, what is hip hop in the life of a women as it transforms her beingness and shapes her in strength and courage to face the worlds many opponents as the relied on women

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