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  • Singing For Your Soul

    in Spirituality

    NEW Singing For Your Soul. Kimberly Harrison, M.M. will explore the wonderful world of the human voice, music, and sound healing. Learn how improving your voice for singing and speaking helps you literally raise and tune your vibrational frequency, improve health, self-confidence, and self-expression, and grow in many areas, including spirituality, creativity, emotions, finances, relationships, and life path.
    Topic: On her first show, get to know Kimberly and Singing For Your Soul. You’ll learn what Singing For Your Soul is, how it came to be, and what it can do for you. www.bodymindspiritradio.com

  • The Neil Baker Psychic Hour

    in Spirituality

    World renowned psychic Neil Baker and host Kristin are featured on this hour long show which deals with the vast, expansive world of psychic phenomenon. This show delves into the extraordinary mysteries that reside beyond the physical realm of common experience. Neil and Kristin are your guides and teachers as they establish a stage that is both personal and universal, while callers have the opportunity to connect with Neil for one on one readings. The call in number for the Neil Baker Psychic Hour is 914.338.0164.
    ***ATTN.: All content of "The Neil Baker Psychic Hour"© is protected by copyright. No copyrighted material may be reproduced, stored for retrieval, or transmitted in any other form or by any other means without the prior written permission of "The Neil Baker Psychic Hour"© and its agents. All rights reserved. ***

  • Lakota Heart -N- Soul

    in Spirituality

    The topics of this show are based on Lakota Star Knowledge and may include viewing current events from the Ancient Lakota perspective. This show's objective is perpetuate peace among all people, as the foundation of all universes is based on "Mitakuye Oyas'in". The Lakota Star Knowledge definition of "Mitakuye Oyas'in" is that before you can be at peace with all the relatives throughout all universes, you must first have peace among all the relatives within your own inner universe. The mind, body, soul and emotions are all connected to each other. When you do your best in nurturing these four parts, you will establish peace within yourself. Only then are you able to be at peace with all creation around you.
    MaLakota Website: http://www.malakota.com
    Lakota Spirituality Seminars: http://www.malakota.com/online_seminar.html
    Lakota Online School: http://www.malakota.com/en_lakota_school.html
    Lakota Language: http://www.malakota.com/en_lakotabk.html

  • The Dr. Pat Show - Talk Radio to Thrive By!

    in Spirituality

    Sheer Alchemy! with Host Leslie Fonteyne-Focus, Time and Courage: Keys to Successful Manifestation.  Do you want to create your desire and never get to it? Does the time get away from you? That may be how it appears, but something else is really going on. Let’s go deep.
    Love Seeker Radio with Coach Heather Lynn: Finding Love for Your Authentic Self. Top Mistakes People Make When Looking for Love. Listen and learn as Heather and Dr. Pat discuss some of the top mistakes people make when they're looking for love and how to overcome them. Learn how to avoid these and date differently with a few easy to follow suggestions.

  • HEALING to HAPPINESS Mediumship & Messages W/ Laura. WIN a PSYCHIC SESSION!

    in Spirituality

    Welcome to “HEALING to HAPPINESS Mediumship & Messages with Spirit Medium Laura.” Focus on Mediumship (otherside connections) for 1st 30 minutes. Mix of mediumship and messages after that. 
    NEW!  The 8 NO Wait!  DONATE $8 to JUMP the GATE! Want to jump to top of queue?  Have an urgent matter?  Then donate before the show using RSVP button at http://SpiritMediumTV.com
    WATCH READINGS on VIDEO:  @ #2 on web page http://SpiritMediumTV.com. 
    GET READINGS:  Call (347) 945-5849.
    WIN a PSYCHIC SESSION!  Be IN to WIN:  Join mailing list at upper right of website http://SpiritMediumTV.com
    RECENT TESTIMONIAL:  Eileen Jason, Mediumship, “I had a great reading with Laura! The only bad thing I can say about the reading is that it was not long enough :-). Laura is very gifted and compassionate!”
    PREPARE for READINGS:  Uncross arms & legs. Breath deeply from abdominal area. Now ask your loved ones to come in or for spirit to answer your question for highest good of all in highest love and light. 
    ABOUT: Spirit Medium Laura provides EXCEPTIONAL, EVIDENTIAL & ETHICAL MEDIUMSHIP, MESSAGES, MANIFESTING, MENTORING & MEDICAL INTUITIVE INTELLIGENCE. Channeling Spirit 30+ Years, Research Medium "AfterLifeData," Featured "100 Top Psychics," Author, Host
    Spirit Medium Laura
    tags: spiritual healer, psychic medium readings; mediumship readings, psychic readings on blogtalkradio; channeling and mediumship; clairvoyant readings; law of attraction expert

  • peter hudoba: heal your heart

    in Spirituality

    Master Peter Hudoba is first Disciple and Worldwide Representative of Master Sha. He has dedicated his life to supporting Master Sha and the Divine mission, serving in any way the Divine chooses for him. Master Peter’s professional background is in university education as a highly successful teacher and researcher. As a Worldwide Representative of Master Sha and a Divine servant, vehicle and channel, Master Peter travels worldwide to teach and offer soul healing and enlightenment. Master Peter’s desire is to teach anyone to heal oneself and others and to help people to reach enlightenment. His book My Soul Enlightenment Journey with Master Sha, can be a model for transformation for any spiritual being. Master Peter is a lineage holder of one of oldest Daoist traditions in the world and leads special classes to most dedicated students of Dao. He resides in Vancouver, British Columbia, where he offers public lectures and personal consultations. Master Peter’s Connections: My Facebook My Twitter  My Blog Master Sha's Soul Healing Centre Vancouver  

  • Sacred Introverts: Okay, I'm Here. Now What?

    in Spirituality

    Lisa Avebury of Sacred Introverts and Circleseeker, Healing and Bodyworks returns for another interview on introverts, highly spiritual people (HSP) and spirituality.
    If you listened to our last program, which by no fault of ours ened up on podcast - visit our home page for more information, www.kwave6radio.tk - you'll understand the transition from that show to this one.  Using Lisa's own words, "I started the tours with the belief that people will have a transformational experience. I never pushed that as I didn’t want to frighten people off, but my hope is by energetically putting the call out the right people would be drawn to coming. And honestly this happened. It was quite amazing."
    Here is more of what we'll be discussing with Lisa:  "My belief has always been, because of my own personal experiences, that introverts and HSP’s naturally have a spiritual inclination because of our inward nature. We are always asking deep questions like “why am I here and what is my purpose”. We are also naturally more sensitive to the world around us and dare I say a bit “psychic” about things so we are always focusing on the larger picture of how our actions effect the world. 
    My own life has been informed by my spiritual journey and it is what guides ever facet of what I do...  We can also talk a bit about why it’s important for introverts (and everyone) to have a... “Spiritual practice”. This can be very individual to the person and their own beliefs but having a connection to something larger then your own life can be very grounding."
    Lisa is a very wonderful person and one which you'll want to hear.

  • 'The Magic & The Beauty of the Human Mind' IC4TS with Psychologist Raul Rojas

    in Spirituality

    This week Mark chats with California based Psychologist Raul Rojas about how his work using the 3 Principles approach to mental health.
    Raul was feeling fed up, tired and burned out as a mental health professional and was himself unhappy in many areas of his life, then one day his friend Gabriela Maldonado Montano invited him a long to an event being hosted by Elsie Spittle and the late Roger Mills. From that momnet on his life began to turn around and not only did things begin to improve in his own life but he also found a new passion for helping people which he still maintains to this day.
    Join Mark and Raul this Wednesday.

  • Taboo Talk Featuring Lady Charmaine Day

    in Spirituality

    Taboo Talk, a Christian talk show featuring Lady Charmaine Day (Pastor, Publisher, Author and Radio Host www.ladycharmaineday.com). Taboo Talk helps individuals transform their mind, body, and spirit utilizing the principles of Jesus Christ!

  • Embrace the Moment, Time is a Gift!

    in Spirituality

    Join me, Linda West, Physic/medium, the Angel Lady for some straight talk about life with the Divine. We are all creating our own reality, no matter how you choose to view it, its all about the Energy.  Never fear we have help, always!!! The Angels surround you with love, remember its all about your empowerment!!!  Call in early for your reading and get some positive information on how to live your life in a more fulfilling way!!!

  • The Voice of Odin with Jeremy RJ White

    in Spirituality

    The Voice of Odin with Jeremy RJ White is an online video program aired bi-monthly and recorded for later listening on new72radio. If you would like to join in the "live" conversation please click the following link at 7:00pm PST the day of the live broadcast: https://zoom.us/j/352211605. To view Jeremy's schedule for this program and others, visit the link to his calendar.
    During this hour session Jeremy White, who is a “vitki” or Norse Shaman or Medicine Man will read from the Havamal, the book of Odin or one of the other Norse sagas, then discuss its teachings/ meaning in today's modern world. Afterwards he will answer questions that have to do with the reading or the workings of the runes. He will speak directly to inquiries about his spiritual path and other questions that may be brought up by the listeners where he will also consult the runes directly to answer questions.
    For more information about Jeremy White please visit his website at www.jeremyrjwhite.com where you will find information about his online classes and other offerings.

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