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  • Bonnie Albers On Air: Thursdays!

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    Join us live, Bonnie Albers On Air, 347-838-8864, 1-3pm Eastern time, for topic, talk, readings, fun and more! Bonnie Albers, RN, LNC, CLC, Spirit Medium, specializes in Romance, Love, Relationships and Sexual Issues with a TWIST of SPIRIT.  Each week Bonnie will have famous and highly respected guests joining her on her show, bringing exciting talents such as astrology, spirit mediumship, card reading, healing and much more!! Find Bonnie on Facebook at Bonnie Mozenter Albers to see links to upcoming shows and archived shows, or email her at balbers714@aol.com to book a private session with Bonnie in any of her fields of specialty!

  • Personal Empowerment with Gary Karp author of Clarity is Power

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    Today Jean Maurie and Maggie Lukowski are excited to have Gary Karp as our guest.
    Brooklyn, NY – Gary Karp Coaching is proud to offer the debut book from Gary Karp.
    Clarity is Power: The 5 Steps to Creating Empowering Goals that will
    Excite and Inspire You is available as a paperback and for the Kindle on August 11,
    2012. Soon to released for iOS devices (iPhone, iPad) and as an audio book.
    Clarity is Power is an informative step-by-step blueprint to designing the life you desire, focusing
     on helping you create and achieve your goals by using simple, practical tools and strategies!
    Gary is a Certified Life Coach who blends ideals from both Eastern and Western ways of life to
     help his clients reduce stress and anxiety, and live the happier, more passionate and fulfilling life they choose!
    .“The only way to reach your goals is to get clear on them. In "Clarity is Power,"
    Gary Karp gives a simple step-by-step plan that you can follow to achieve the life you've always wanted. Get clear, and get started today.” - Amethyst Mahoney, author of "50 Places Your Clients are Hiding - in Plain Sight.”
    You can purchase Gary's book here
    Gary Karp Coaching
    6633 Duryea Court, #2
    Brooklyn, NY 1219

  • Mindful Shift - a converstion with Steve Hickman - Dir. Center for Mindfulness

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    I am very excited to be joined today by Director for the Univ. of California San Diego Center for Mindfulness Steve Hickman.  Dr. Hickman is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist and has a joint appointment as an Associate Clinical Professor in teh UCSD Dept of Pyschiatry and Family and Preventive Medicine.  He is the founder and Director of the UCSD Center for Mindfulness and has himself taught over 40 Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) courses, as well as adapting the program for nurses, medical students and other professionals and clinical populations.  The UCSD Center for Mindfulness is a multi-faceted program of clinical care, professional training, education, research and outreach intended to further the practice and integration of mindfulness into all aspects of society.
    They offer a broad range of mindfulness-based programs and initiatives.  Whether your interest in mindfulness is personal or professional, on behalf of a young family member or your workplace, or if you are just curious abut what it is, you are invited to explore this amazing Center!  The Center is a program of the UC San Diego Center for Integrative Medicine and Department of Psychiatry.    Truly right up Mindful Shifts alley!  I have looking to interview a Mindfulness instructor for awhile, so this should be wonderful.  Steve is so much more than an instructor!

  • FlowerMoon

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    Spiritual, readings, cats, inspiration, Angels, Fairies, Unicorns..

  • Birthing Your Book Even If You Don't Know What It's About, Mark David Gerson

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    Do you have a piece of writing that's gestating? Do you find yourself in a state of writer's block? Is your spirit calling you to write? Is your internal dialogue getting in the way? This week on Intuitive Transformation Radio, Matthew Engel will be chatting with the prolific author, Mark David Gerson, about the connections between creativity, spirituality, authenticity, inner wisdom and writing.
    Mark David Gerson is the award-winning author of the popular Q'ntana Trilogy of visionary fantasy novels (The MoonQuest, The StarQuest, The SunQuest), of four critically acclaimed books on writing and of two memoirs, Acts of Surrender: A Writer’s Memoir and Dialogues with the Divine: Encounters with My Wisest Self. His newest book for writers, Birthing Your Book…Even If You Don’t Know What It’s About, will be released in October 2014. Mark David's screenplay adaptations of his Q'ntana novels are on their way to movie theaters as a trio of epic feature films. He is currently working on a trio of stage musical adaptations of the fantasy trilogy. As a creativity catalyst and workshop facilitator, Mark David has guided writers and non-writers to connect with their innate wisdom, open to their creative power and express themselves with ease. He is also a popular speaker on topics related to creativity and spirituality, as well as an accomplished artist and photographer. Mark David's books are available on Amazon and most major retail sites.
    Matthew Engel is an Intuitive Channel, Hypnotherapist, Past Life Regressionist, Spiritual Teacher and Writer. He has supported thousands of people in actualizing their highest potential for 18 years. For info and his popular newsletter, matthewengel.com

  • Bright Light on the Horizon!

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    Join me, Linda West, Physic/medium, the Angel Lady for some straight talk about life with the Divine. We are all creating our own reality, no matter how you choose to view it, its all about the Energy.  Never fear we have help, always!!! The Angels surround you with love, remember its all about your empowerment!!!  Call in early for your reading and get some positive information on how to live your life in a more fulfilling way!!!

  • Psychic Radio Readings by Rev James

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    Rev. James is Moving; to USC Productions Radio Station www.uscradioproductions.com  Book mark this address !!!
    Please press follow at the top of this show and I will add you to my show schedule notification at USC Radio Productions.
    1.)Time of the show: 6:00 - 8:00 PM Pacific  Tuesdays
    2.) Call In Number: 480.389.1399
    3.) Link to USC Station: www.uscradioproductions.com
    4.) Link to Chat Room: http://www.uscradioproductions.com/radio-shows-with-chat.html
    More great free readings, healings, and activations- Longer shows, Live video chat room.

  • How to use Crystals for Meditation and Prayer

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    What are crystals? http://www.blogtalkradio.com/thespiritwithinu/2014/09/04/what-are-crystals How to program your Crystal http://www.blogtalkradio.com/thespiritwithinu/2014/09/11/how-to-program-your-crystal How to use Crystals for Meditation and Prayer http://www.blogtalkradio.com/thespiritwithinu/2014/09/18/how-to-use-crystals-for-meditation-and-prayer How to use Crystals and Essential Oils http://www.blogtalkradio.com/thespiritwithinu/2014/09/25/how-to-use-crystals-and-essential-oils HERE IS A LIST OF UP COMING CLASSES RELATED TO CRYSTALS; Nov 2nd Saturday - Egyptian Mysteries Workshop Nov 6th Thursday - Crystal Workshop Series Nov 22nd Saturday - Intimate Afternoon W/Dr. Lady Auset Share our upcoming events in Store and Live Stream.
    Sponsored by The Spirit Within U Metaphysical Gift Shope & Sacred Studies Center, 4780 West Ann Road, Ste4, North Las Vegas, NV 89031 702.658.2257 www.TheSpiritWithinU.com

  • The Sandie Sedgbeer Show with Steve and Barbara Rother

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    Welcome to the Age of Empowerment: Are You Ready for Your New Contract? with Steve and Barbara Rother
    According to the group of energies known simply as ‘the Group,’ which has been speaking through international teacher, author and channel Steve Rother for almost two decades, there is a group of people that incarnated at the very beginning of civilization that brought in some very special attributes without which humanity could not have survived.  That group of souls, which the Group refer to as the Family of ‘E,’ always return at critical moments of humanity’s evolution to hold the light.
    Several years ago, Steve and his wife Barbara presented channels about the 7 clans that make up the family of ‘E.’  No more was said about the ‘E’ Family… until earlier this year when The Group revealed information about the 7th clan—who they are, why they are here, and what their purpose is.  
    In this episode, Steve and Barbara will provide listeners with an exclusive sneak preview on what will be revealed at The Family of ‘E’ Reunion, including:   •The roles of the 7 Clans •How do we know if we are a member of the E Family? •In a world that is being ravaged by corruption, division, poverty and religious wars, what evidence do we have that these souls are succeeding in their endeavors to “make a difference” •What else is in store as we move into 2015 •Plus. . . the new Declaration of Spiritual Rights And more . . .
    Listen to the show on the Awakening Zone Network here;

  • Psychic-Choice-Radio-The-Spiritual-Concept-Show-By-Ken-Morris

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    Join Your Host Clairvoyant Empath Ken Morris Every Week Day, Evening On Psychic Choice Radio 
    The Spiritual Concepts of the spirit world show. Where Invited Guest Psychics, Mediums, Healers, Holistic Practitioners Cartomancer's, and Spiritual Counsellors From All Walks Of Life Give There Time Freely To Take Part In Are Nightly Two Hour Broadcasts, Bringing The Message Of Spiritual Communication Into A Greater Realization Of Oneness. Why Not Call In Tonight, and Get Your FREE TASTER Spiritual Reading,There Is A Message In The Words Of Spirit For Everyone. We Go To Live Air @ 8 PM UK, 9 PM Central Europe, 3 PM EDT. 2 PM MST, and 12 (Noon) PST. Studio Call In Number : - UK 001 (818) 475 9293 Studio Skype Call Us Using The Button On Your Show Page Player.
    Get a One2One Reading With Host Ken Morris

  • Psychic Horizon

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    TPN TV and Radio Presents the Psychic Horizon Show with Shelley Hofberg.
    Shelley Hofberg is a Clairvoyant, Medium, Tarot Reader, Pet Psychic and Healer. Her multi-faceted gifts are reflected in her multi-faceted psychic career. Shelley has appeared on NBC television, the Discover Channel and is included in feature articles of newspapers such as the Hollywood Independent and Ventura Star.  As a staff member of the West Coast Well Being metaphysical publication, Shelley was responsible for writing a pet psychic column and as a pet psychic, was mentioned in Lisa Barretta's published book, ‘The Street Smart Psychic Guide to Getting a Good Reading.'
    Watch the Live TPN TV Show at: http://www.truepsychicsnetwork.com/tpntv.php

  • Soul Healing Miracle for Creating Love Peace & Harmony with Master Marilyn Smith

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    Today, Master Marilyn will lead a powerful live radio show on "Soul Healing for Love Peace and Harmony."  The "Love Peace Harmony" movement is profoundly powerful in its beauty and simplicity.  To learn more, please visit https://lovepeaceharmonymovement.drsha.com 
    To DOWNLOAD the Love Peace Harmony Song, please go to: https://www.drsha.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/01/LovePeaceandHarmony.mp3
    When Chanted, Love, Peace and Harmony carries divine frequency and vibration. It carries
    Divine Love Divine Forgiveness Divine Compassion Divine Light It also transforms the frequency and vibration of humanity and Mother Earth
    Divine Love melts all blockages and transforms all life Divine Forgiveness brings inner joy and inner peace Divine Compassion boosts energy, stamina, vitality and immunity Divine Light heals, rejuvenates and transforms relationships, finances and every aspect of life. To learn more about Master Marilyn, and to contact her direclty, please visit her blog at: http://soulhealingforlph.blogspot.com/p/about-master-marilyn.html  

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    Master Elisabeth My SHM Journey for Opening the & Transforming the Emotions

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    Transform Sadness and Grief to Light
    Master Elisabeth Koch is a disciple and Worldwide Representative of Dr. and Master Zhi Gang Sha, a world renowned medical doctor and Soul Healer, Spiritual Master and a Divine, Tao, and Source channel.
    As a certified Divine Direct Soul Communicator, Master Elisabeth has highly developed spiritual capabilities including the authority to read in the Akasha-chronic.
     Master Elisabeth Koch currently leads the only Love Peace Harmony Institute (LPHI) of Master Sha in Europe. She teaches - with a lot of joy - primarily in the Frankfurt LPHI and also private consultations in person or via telephone. In January 2012 she received the great honor to be appointed as a Divine Channel by herself. By using the powerful techniques of the soul mind body medicine she experienced unique heart opening and life transformation, especially for emotional balance and healing of depressive moods. She dedicates her life to universal unconditional service for all human beings mother earth, and all souls.
    Master Elisabeth Koch currently leads the only Love Peace Harmony Institute (LPHI) of Master Sha in Europe. She teaches - with a lot of joy - primarily in the Frankfurt LPHI and also private consultations in person or via telephone.
    Soul enlightenment is an amazing and extraordinary opportunity for every soul and everyone soul journey, it is an honor beyond words, comprehension and imagination. Grab the opportunity.

  • Becoming Psychic Show and founder of the UK Tarot Conference - FREE READINGS

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    Becoming Psychic Presents Founder of the UK Tarot Conference Kim and FREE readings with TV Psychic Grant Colyer.
    In 2003 Kim was responsible for launching the first serious Tarot Conference of its kind in the UK.  The UK Tarot Conference (London) was born by gathering together the world’s most respected Tarot authors, artists and teachers. It was time for Tarot to come out of the shadows and in to mainstream respectability.  The conference has celebrated 10 years and is still gathering strength.  It is rated as one of the best in the world.  The UK Tarot Conference is highly successful and draws both speakers and attendees worldwide.  Kim’s passion for Tarot continues to grow as she works tirelessly to remove the negative image of tarot and enlighten people with the knowledge and wisdom of this ancient craft.
    The UK Tarot Conference is a must for any Tarot lover who wants to learn more and develop their skills.  Due tothe success of the Conference, 2015 will see the launch of the London Tarot Festival, a more relaxed event for people to experience Tarot at all levels.
    Kim will also be giving FREE Tarot readings during the show LIVE.
    Sami B and Sasha P will be giving LIVE FREE readings in the chat room.

  • Prayer with the Prophets!

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    Let's pray like: Jesus, King David, Daniel, Prophetess Anna, Paul and Silas and you!
    Luke 18:1 (KJV) 1 And he spake a parable unto them to this end, that men ought always to pray, and not to faint;  
    Matthew 6:9-13 (KJV) 
    9 After this manner therefore pray ye: Our Father which art in heaven, Hallowed be thy name. 10 Thy kingdom come. Thy will be done in earth, as it is in heaven. 11 Give us this day our daily bread. 12 And forgive us our debts, as we forgive our debtors. 13 And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil: For thine is the kingdom, and the power, and the glory, for ever. Amen.  
    Let us pray untill we have the answer!

  • Scientist believes he can prove existence of God. Call in!

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    I was raised on a small dairy farm in northern Minnesota.  I graduated from college there in 1968 and taught high school science for seven years before moving to Baltimore, Maryland in 1975. There I took a two year course in Electronic Engineering. Since then I have been a trainer and engineer in various aspects of the electronics industry. 
    I am very excited about being able to retire in a few months and move back to Minnesota to help my brother continue to run the farm I grew up on, do some traveling, play some golf, and renew some very important relationships that I have maintained from the place I have always considered home.
    But, while teaching and engineering have been my life’s professions, my passion has always been an open search for greater understanding of the spiritual aspect of who we are. I guess I have explored that facet of our existence, at least on a cursory level, from about as many ways of doing that as there are.  That process has led me to conclude there are great spiritual Truths that can be found in virtually every religion as well as from the fields of metaphysics, philosophy, and science. But there are also many ideas from each of these sources that are mutually exclusive and, therefore, cannot be true for that reason alone. I think it is important for us to try and do a better job of sorting out those that are Truth from those that are not.

  • Cedar Branches - "Magical Stones"!

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    There's a Rock for That! Cedar Branches - "Magical Stones"! -  Crystal Guest: Hawk's Eye!
    Join us in the Chat Room below, during the live show!
    Follow Us! @LifeScapeRadio
    Join the Conversation: LifeScapeRadio.com/Facebook


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    Join me your host Issachar Bey with my special guest Astrologer David Perkins
    David Bryant Perkins arrived on December 17, 1953 at 90º 20’ West Longitude, 32º 45’ North Latitude around the time when most local banks and government offices were about to close. Interest in astrology began in 1975 while working on a behavioral lab project in university - the results of which showed this ancient art of describing and predicting behavior outperforming the standard methods of psychology. David has since been on four different continents studying astrology’s history, philosophy, methods, and uses within many cultures. In 1985, he completed the first ever instructional and certification course ever given for (map on right) Astro*Carto*Graphy in San Francisco by it’s developer, the late Jim Lewis.
    It was in Las Vegas many of the missing pieces and facts where uncovered to complete the story for HITLER'S ASTROLOGER, thanks to the Library of Congress, and a list of many others. 
    Although written in the form as a historical drama to facilitate an easy transition into becoming a full length motion picture, nearly every detail in HITLER'S ASTROLOGER is based on actual events. 

  • Pastor Harry Walther

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  • What does it mean to believe in Yahshua?

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    Many are very quick to believe man but finds it hard to believe the Word of our Father and his promises
    John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.
    John 3:18 He that believeth on him is not condemned: but he that believeth not is condemned already, because he hath not believed in the name of the only begotten Son of God.
    John 7:38 He that believeth on me, as the scripture hath said, out of his belly shall flow rivers of living water.

  • Robert Wesley Branch Discussess Life, Liberation, Inner Peace & More....

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    KINGS on GD's A Touch of Grace Presents...
    Robert Welsey Branch from The Robert Wesley Branch Show
    Thursday, 9/18/2014 @ 1:30PM, p.s.t/4:30PM, e.s.t.
    From Any Phone, Call Into Show @ 347-215-7169
    Big picture visionary, creative manager, inspired ideas guy, passionate storyteller, resourceful multimedia man, experienced executive producer of television, gifted writer, soulful life coach, opinionated talk radio host, charismatic public relations spokesman, loving son, loyal friend, trusted brother, wise encourager of your soul.
    Guest Profile:
    For the past 15 years, I have earned a gracious living as a television executive; some of my accomplishments include  TV One, headquarterd in Silver Spring, Maryland.  As an exectuive in charge of production, my TV One credits include In Coversation: The Michelle Obama Interview and TV One Live: The DNC After Party, which was the network's first foray into live television production, broadcast from the Comcast Media Center during the 2008 Democratic National Convention in Denever.
    Bethesda has been home since April 5, 1996 -- Good Friday -- when I (once more) left my childhood neighborhood in Forestville to be closer to Discovery Channel, where I worked as an associate producer.  Located north of Washington, DC.  Bethesda lies within Montgomery County Maryland... 
    "Be well, be encouraged, be Inspired everyday!" RWB
      Complete Autobiography:  http://robertwesleybranch.com/RWBBio2.htm       


  • Tuning in with Betsy

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    Join Toronto Psychic Betsy Balega on Tuning in with Betsy, hear the latest in  Metahysical, Paranormal, Spiritual, Healing, Angels, Holistic Healing, Energy Healing, Premonitions, Precognition, Signs, UFO's, Crop Circles and more.
    What did JFK's astrologer tell him about WWIII?
    Happy Birthday Virgo.
    Why didn't the CIA assassinate Nixon?
    Tuning in with Besy is th longest running Paranormal show, airing on Blog Talk Radio, since November 2006.
    Send Betsy an e-mail at her show page, and let her know what you want to learn. 
    All welcome.

  • Evolve! with Robin White Turtle Lysne

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    Nurturing the New in Consciousness, the Arts, and Culture
    with your host Robin White Turtle Lysne, M.A., M.F.A., Ph.D.
    Evolve! will bring your people and ideas on the cutting edge of change opening the shells of the past to move our culture into the now. We are all in great need of sustainable ideas for change. The arts and evolving consciousness are how we are bringing that change to the culture at large. This show will bring you the wise, the foolish and the heart-based to help us meet the challenges of the times we are in.

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