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  • Mediumship Readings and guests.

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    All about mediumship, connecting with spirit, spiritual development, live readings with guests some well known. We shall talk about development, spirit problems you may have and anything to do with spiritual things. We have guests on the show from time to time and we do reading’s. I do not ask questions, genuine mediums do not ask questions! Having seen spirit since I was two years of age I have at present 55 years experience of connectiont with spirit.
    I am a professional, Inspirational, Clairvoyant Medium and Psychic. I have been privileged to give readings in Germany and have appeared on TV on “The Circle TV on Channel 166 the information Channel. In October of 2010 I did a small tour of New Zealand doing private readings and a theatre booking.  My Site: www.leo-bonomo.com
    My book Summerland is on sale not only from Amazon and all good bookstores both online and in book shops (shortly) but will also be available shortly as an EBook on Kindle. You can also find me on FaceBook https://www.facebook.com/Leo.S.Bonomo 
    On Google Plus https://plus.google.com/u/0/ 
    On You tube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hvjl-2M4NxQ  
    On twitter https://twitter.com/leothemedium

  • Readings By Jonna The Happy Medium

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    Live From The LIving Room, Direct From The Dining Room! 
    Jonna Kay is a Medium and Health Intuitive. She will give you messages from your loved ones and do a Chakra Scan to see what is going on with you. 
    Jonna Kay will talk about  controversial subjects up on occasion, talk about the latest in the news or celebrity gossip as well. NOTHING is off limits for Jonna Kay. 
    Call Jonna each weekday morning at 8:00 am to get a reading! 

  • Theos Gives The Power (Gk. Dunamis) To Walk In Newness Of Life

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    Conflict defines our time.  Traditional words are use to package subversive and virulent lies that threaten to undo society.  The universe is organic down to the subatomic level and the ultimate dust.  Order is inherent in the world.  Societies are organic too.  Those who think to untie the natural order must align themselves with an organic dialectic to survive their own malevolent schemes.  Theos sees all human behavior.  Nothing is removed from his watchful care.  The "striptease" of human has already happened.  Our culture is found wanting.  The dust of thanatos (death) is over everything today.  If you want real life come to the Iesous.    

  • The return of the Angels

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    After a long absence Circle of Angels Radio returns with a candid talk from our founder and host, Tomas. 

  • Living Your Life with Unlimited Joy

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    Dr. Joy, Psychic-Spiritual Counselor, Life Coach, Metaphysician, Holistic Healer, Motivational Speaker, Author profoundly teaches life enhancing practices and principles that can auto-magically change your life.  Each broadcast includes a healing meditation, an empowering message, followed by lively discussion on the air and in the chat room.   Callers may ask Dr. Joy questions as time permits, or may visit her sites and obtain additional information at http://UnlimitedJoy.info
    To schedule a session for a psychic reading and success/life coaching with Dr. Joy, please go here: http://UnlimitedJoy.org/page3.html or email DrJoy@UnlimitedJoy.info

  • Heavenly Blessings ~ Encore Presentation, Law of Give and Receive, July 22, 2014

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    As we continue the recapitulation of the Universal Laws series, our topic this week is the Law of Give and Receive. 
    Many of us are all about giving, yet we turn away from receiving.  There are two sides that must be balanced ~ with one example being the inability to love another without cherishing ourselves.  Guidance is offered on finding this balance.
    Sanat Kumara was  our guest and guide for most of this wondrous journey, and he defines Universal Law as “the framework that explains how things work. It is part of the universal grid. It is part of the understandings of how things happen or don’t happen, and the alignment that one can gain in terms of your own process of Ascension and your eventual return to Source. Universal Law is a reflection of Divine thought and existence.
    Music:  Sasha Lazard, Angeli and Snatam Kaur, Long Time Sun
    Please consider supporting our efforts with a donation so that we may continue providing our radio programs for free. Find out more by clicking on this link and select the donate tab, then the "team donation" or "site donation" button. Thank you. http://hopeche.st

  • Accepted As I Am

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    Accepted As I Am: Your Beloved Awaits. Barbra White helps to open the doors of your heart to let love in. How to ‘manifest’ your dreams. Learn practical tools for healing and deepening your connection to the divine. Inspirational teachings by Barbra White for accepting your innate magnificence and your calls. 

  • The Mystic's Heart and Soul Sessions

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    July 22, 2014
    Please view our Disclaimer for our radio programming.
    The Mystic’s Heart with Denise Iwaniw @ 10 AM EST
    Join Denise Iwaniw, author of The Mystic Angels and The Mysteries of Ancient Egypt Empower Deck for another edition of The Mystic's Heart Show.  This hour long show is dedicated to the mystery teachings of the Ancients and the Angelics alike. Denise will spend a portion of each hour, pulling Empowerment cards for individual callers, the broader audience and chat room chatters.  Join Denise for an hour of joyful insights and empowerment!
    Soul Sessions with Sandra Harrick @ 11 AM EST
    Sandy is away this week, but tune in for a special show replay of Sandy's interview with Neshi Lokotz.  During this heart to heart interview, Neshi shares her wisdom as a Native American woman who is an enrolled tribal member of the Prairie Band Potawatomi Nation and a descendent of the Ho Chunk and Yaqui Nations.  This hour is so filled with so much powerful insight.  If you missed the original interview, this is your chance to tune in!     

  • THOE Presents - Prophet Gary Burpee

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    The House of Ephraim Presents: Ephraim, come home! We are a not for profit organization dedicated to finding and educating the ten lost tribes of Israel. Come and listen to the latest news and teaching concerning Ephraim today!

  • Rev. Wayne Anders Hey, Look At Me! I Was Perfect!

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    Listen to the powerful Word of the Lord through Rev. Wayne and Rev. Carolyn Anders...  anointed servants of God in this end-time army.  You will be blessed, encouraged, and challenged by the uncompromising messages you will hear!
    Their many years of ministry and their love for God and people is very evidenced in the messages.  The Anders minister in Churches, nursing homes, prisons, and have a powerful prayer ministry as well.  You can check out their website at www.calglgm.wix.com/lglgm. 

  • The Festival of Angels Radio Show with Tina Michelle - Lynn VanPraagh- Gratton

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    Lynn met a woman who told her she is “A Bridge Between Worlds.” That was it! It was that simple phrase that connected for her the journey on which she’d been on and the road on which she was to continue to travel. Lynn likens this calling to being on the precipice of an abyss, hearing whispers and seeing images of those desperately looking for someone to hear them. She stands on that bridge, arms outstretched to embrace and give voice to those who need to speak and deliver to those here on earth in pain, messages of love and comfort. "I want to heal people by speaking for those who can no longer be heard by loved-ones left behind" is the mantra behind Lynn Van Praagh-Gratton’s work.

  • christianpsychicbrendashow readings

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    Many lives and many roads have lead you to my show. With God's HOLY SPIRIT the comfortor  I greet you with peace and compassion. Your life experinces are your story and your story is important to the whole consiousness. We are the children of a wonderful and creator Father God. You and I come to agreement and bring God to life in our lives as His servants of light. He spoke this in His promise to us. His promises to us are our Hope and Faith of a dark world in which we live. To follow the light is our quest and that light shines in all children of this EARTH. God knows the answer to WHY,WHERE AND WHAT YOUR life is because He made you in His image.Through His gifts of His Holy Spirit I will guide you to your understanding and enligthment. I used the letters God gave me in my medtations for my book "God's Alphabeth" to help you on your spiritual journey. For a small donation you can own a copy of these letters. write to me christianpsychicbrenda@gmail.com

  • pleasant words

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    Pleasant words are health and life to our whole being---love words from our Father. In this new year of 2014 our Lord and savior Jesus Christ has our future planned with success in every area of our life---victory over death is ours and Jesus (love) manifesting himself to us through His grace is our destiny!! Join us as we practice our victory, authority and dominion right here and now on earth! Let His words of love and life so fill you with hope in your believing that you are solidly anchored in your soul to stand in these days and recieve your healing, provision ,peace---your inheritance!

  • Psychic Medium Kelly Mcq Talks To Those Who Have Passed On To The Spirit World

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    Today, internationally renound Psychic Medium Kelly McQ will be taking calls from all listerners regarding all things Spiritual!  Join us and have a reading live on the air!  You can also find Kelly at her website: www.kellymcq.com
    Internationally renound Psychic Medium Kelly McQ has read for thousands of individuals world-wide.  From celebrities and member of governemnt, to everyday folks just trying to work their way thorugh this maze called life!  She channels loved ones who have crossed over and offers psychic readings to callers.

  • Bishop Solomon

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    Listen to this anointed servant of the Most High as he brings the Word of the Lord to you.  Bishop Solomon has preached all over the United States and has established Churches in Africa.  God uses this obediant vessel and manifests signs, wonders, miracles and gifts of the Holy Ghost in Jesus' name, confirming the Word of the Lord.  You will be blessed and encouraged in your faith!

  • Living Your Best LIfe Right Now!

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    Living Your Best Life Right Now!!
    "But unto you that fear my name shall the Sun of righteousness arise with healing in his wings; and ye shall go forth, and grow up as calves of the stall." Malachi 4:2 KJV
    Join Beverly Roseberry, WHNP for lively discussions on how we can begin “Living Our Best Life Right Now”!!. The promise is that we already have healing for our mind, body and spirit. Let's take hold of it together.
    Airtime:  1, 2. & 3 Tuesday 11:00 am-11:30am(EST)
    Call In Number: (347) 324-5311
    Website: www.blogtalkradio.com/healing-in-his-wings


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    WE are all always seeking the way and time to find relief from the pain, hurt, frustration, worry and disappointments of our current situation, conditions and relationships.   Today, you have come to the right place  AUTHOR, LIFE TRANSFORMATION COACH , CONSULTANT AND PERFORMER  MARRIAN EFUA will share the steps to SEEKING ESCAPE .  SO come prepared to write down these powerful steps .  ALSO ON TODAY's SHOW  MARRIAN WILL BE GIVING AWAY  A TICKET TO  THE 2014 SEEKING ESCAPE CONFERENCE AND RETREAT IN  ARIZONA. As well as a copy of her book SEEKING ESCAPE.   Sign on early and stay for the entire program.
    Marrian Efua can be contacted at www.efuaspeaks.com , Facebook and twitter.

  • Red Tent Wisdom w/Cyndi Harris

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    Embracing Your Inner Wise Woman - Red Tent Wisdom Explained
    If you have spent any time listening to my radio show, teleseminars, or videos... You know I love being a woman and embrace all the amazing and interesting things that go along with this privilege. 
    Today, we are going to talk about the red tent what it is and the value it adds to living life in our modern days. Let us return to being adored, fulfilled, happy, and well-respected as a sacred and wise woman.
    The Red Tent Wisdom radio program... The Feminine "Art of Sensuality and Surrender" Cyndi Harris is an irresistible living coach (specializing in abundant living, women's sensuality and spiritual development), relationship solutions coach, and joyologist. Plus a natural health advocate and pratitioner. She combines a blend of fun, playful, sensuality, and spirtuality w/ humor and love to help her clients achieve a happier and more balanced approach to joyful living. 
    She assists women in their return to the sacred feminine wisdom that is their birthright.  For more information go to: http://redtentwisdom.com or Check Cyndi out on Vimeo at: http://vimeo.com/cyndih/videos or YouTube at: http://youtube.com/redtentwisdom
    Also, be sure to schedule your Wise Woman Wisdom Session at: www.redtentwisdom.com. Click here: Love Your Body for more information. This is your chance to talk to Cyndi one on one.

  • Earth Angels: Why They're Here & How To Identify Them with Christopher Reburn

    in Spirituality

    Ever wonder if you've met an Earth Angel? Have you ever went through one of the hardest experiences in your life and someone mysteriously appeared in your life to help you get through it? Why are Earth Angels Here with this one this earth plane? How do we identify them? Christopher answers all these questions and much more in our first-ever discussion on the wonderful topic of Earth Angels!
    Grab your signed copy of Christopher's new 'A Lightworker's Journey' CD by visiting his official website at http://www.reburn.org Want to learn more about your spiritual journey? Consider taking one of Christopher's intensive development courses! Details athttp://www.thepsychicspirit.com/spiritght.html
    Visit Christopher online to book readings, view tour schedule, prayer and healing center, and much more at http://www.reburn.org
    Become friends on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/christopher.reburn

  • Lakota Heart -N- Soul

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    MaLakota Website: http://www.malakota.com
    The topics of this show are based on Lakota Star Knowledge and may include viewing current events from the Ancient Lakota perspective.  This show's objective is perpetuate peace among all people, as the foundation of all universes is based on "Mitakuye Oyas'in".  The Lakota Star Knowledge definition of "Mitakuye Oyas'in" is that before you can be at peace with all the relatives throughout all universes, you must first have peace among all the relatives within your own inner universe.  The mind, body, soul and emtions are all connected to each other.  When you do your best in nurturing these four parts, you will establish peace within yourself.  Only then are you able to be at peace with all creation around you.

  • Psychic View with Mystic Mona

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    Each weekday morning at 9am, your questions answered LIVE on this interactive radio broadcast. Mona takes your calls and answers your most personal and important questions.
    Each week, Mona chooses one listener to be her featured caller and spends extra time with a full spread of cards. To be considered as a featured caller, please "Like" Mona on her Mystic Mona OR Psychic View Facebook page. Write on either wall that you'd like to be considered.
    Mona is considered the Official Psychic of Las Vegas and since 2002, holds the Psychic Arts License through the City of Las Vegas. Her answers to your questions are considerate and thought-provoking. Readings by Mona are intended for your entertainment and consideration. She's the creator of the Dice Wisdom app for iPhone and Android. www.dicewisdom.com. Mona is available for private phone sessions by calling 702-571-0461.
    Remember, Psychic View...because the present moment IS the gift.

  • Soul Solution - Food for the Soul

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    A variety of modalities for greater expansion of body, mind, spirit.  Come and explore the shift to higher consciousness. Your hosts for todays show will be LaOta Rassoull and Ellie Stewart.

  • Earths Retreat Affirmation Empowerment Show-Empower InnerG Growth

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    We go live on the air Monday through Friday at 12pm and I am thankful for you all showing interest in what is share here on Earths Retreat Radio. Please support our work by tuning in, sharing our page, giving generous monetary offerings via our website. We give 100% of service to you first. Our reward is that you are able to take something from here that will help you to help yourself and others. Through visualizing what you want, all your dreams and desires can come true.
    At Earths Retreat©®™, our Empowerment Coach and Humanity Wellness Doc, Ah'malah is guided by the supreme creator/creatress within, highly favored by many for her endless servant leadership to people worldwide over the past 15 years. Her goal is to inspire, encourage, uplift or empower you in every area of your life. Ah'malah's personal gift to you if you will accept is: #BEAM each and every day. B.e Love/E.mpower Others/A.ffirm Greatness/M.otivate Self. This virtual internet radio show is a support and guide not the solution! Continue to study self and do the work!
    Our shows will include affirmations of health, finance, spirituality, family, success, love, and life in general as it pertains to achieving our goals and focusing on our purpose. We should all invest in the first business, which is family. Think about your questions for our class discussion. Come join us and share your methods, advice, or ideas. See you all on our show hosted by Empress Ah'malah & Guest Monday-Friday at 12noon EST (646-649-0119).
    Peace & Love Your Earths Retreat Support Team

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